DICE’s Bach: Game’s next big thing “is not 3D, for sure”

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 30 August 2011 16:19 GMT

Patrick Bach, Battlefield 3’s executive producer, has told a roundtable interview at DICE’s offices in Stockholm that gaming’s next big thing “is not 3D, for sure.”

He was speaking in response to a question from VG247 reader Colin Gallacher.

Bach’s initially responded with “Battlefield 3,” which drew laughter, before saying: “That’s really, really hard to answer. I hope that, in general, games will grow up a little bit.”

3D has been a major gaming bet by Sony, with Microsoft recently confirming that the upcoming birthday edition of Halo 3 will feature 3D play.

After Bach dismissed 3D as a serious route forward for games, he went on to expand on why developers need to make content for adults.

“Older people keep playing games; there’s a marketshare and a feeling to grow with the gamers,” he said.

“There will always be games for children. When I was a child I played games for children, but I’ve been growing with games and now I look at them and I don’t want to play them.

“I want games for grown-ups. I want games I can play. As long as I’m in the business I will make a games that I personally want to play, and I want a story that I like to see.”

3D has been having something a tough time in games of late, with Nintendo’s 3DS failing to perform to expectation and seeing heavy price-cutting as a result.

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