Rumor: Uncharted 3 to be set in the desert

By Nathan Grayson, Tuesday, 30 November 2010 05:16 GMT


Poor Nathan Drake. Last time he tackled the frozen tundra with a gaping hole in his side, and now he’s apparently headed to a place where there are multiple animal species betting their survival on the fact that – left to your own devices – you will eventually drop dead.

Why can’t someone just bury treasure at Disneyland for once?

According to a source that spoke with Kotaku, Uncharted 3’s stocking up on sunscreen, kissing the color green goodbye, and heading to the desert.

The same source also said that Sony’s big VGA reveal will be none other than Uncharted 3, so we’ll see whether or not this source is full of it soon enough. We’ll let you when/if it happens, or if Sony instead decides we’d be more interested in hearing about a 14th (or whatever number we’re on) video service for PS3.

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