Super Meat Boy cameos were intended to draw attention to other indie titles, says Team Meat

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 18 November 2010 23:07 GMT


Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen has said the reason players see so many familiar cameos in Super Meat Boy, is due to being friends will a lot of other independent developers.

Speaking in a really interesting interview with GameReactor, McMillen said the firm’s goal in putting in all those cameos, was to garner interest in those games so more people would play them.

“We’re friends with all those people,” he said of the indie scene. “[It’s]actually really tightly-knit. I think about every indie has talked to every other indie or had some connection with them.

“Everyone is really friendly there’s no bizarre business people that don’t want other people sharing their idea because it might jeopardize their IP or something, I don’t know what dumb reasons people have for not sharing IPs. I’m sure there’s some sort of complicated business reason. Basically everyone are friends – its really easy to communicate. When we had the opportunity to go console it was our chance to be pulled up by bigger indies but also pull smaller indies with us. And it allowed us to pay back to some of the independent games we loved and people might not know about.

“One of the cool things so far is that people are looking up these characters online and play the original games, which was our intention. Its just a cool way to pay homage to the independent scene that we came from. From what we’ve seen everyone is really happy about it. A lot of the designers that we use characters from were really eager to get their hands on the editor so they could make their character-exclusive chapters for the game.

“The response from those indies have been very positive and they really seem to like the game.”

Folks can already get the game on XBL, and the PC version of  Super Meat Boy, and pre-orders on Steam will give you $5 off the original price.

Half-Life’s Headcrab and World of Goo’s Gooballs will be PC-exclusive playable characters, along with previously confirmed Mr. Minecraft from Minecraft, Captain Viridian from VVVVVV and Josef from Machinarium.

It’s out November 30.

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