Portal 2 GI feature gets scanned, is internetalised, looks awesome

By Johnny Cullen, Sunday, 7 March 2010 09:25 GMT

portal 2 logo

Not even two days since its formal reveal, but yet already, the Game Informer feature of Portal 2 is already online.

But we know what you want: the info. So here it is, served with chocolate cake.

  • The game takes place hundreds of years after the original. Hence why the Aperture centre looks a lot like a jungle possibly.
  • GlaDOS returns as the main villain, with the subject from the last game, Chell, coming back to be the protagonist.
  • The co-op campaign is separate from the main story in the game. It lets you play as two bipedal robots.
  • Those personality cores thrown into the fire at the end of the last game? They’ve shut off areas of the Aperture lab and made it their own.
  • Physics has a bigger role this time, with one demo showing a portal could be used from an air vent to suck air from one area to an another.
  • Reflection cubes will be added to the game for laser-based puzzles.
  • Valve had no idea Portal 1 would be so big.
  • The original Portal was seen as a “test bed”. The sequel will be a fully fledged title.

Already sounding awesome. We’re pumped. There’s some more info and scans over at PALGN.

Let’s just hope we get a debut trailer this week during GDC.

The game’s due out this holiday season for PC and 360. The magazine also mentions a Mac release.

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