Red Faction: Guerrilla PC has additional graphics but lacks DirectX 11 support

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 28 July 2009 20:03 GMT


Matt Toschlog, president of Reactor Zero, Rick White, producer at Volition, and physics programmer Eric Arnold answered questions posed by PC Games Hardware regarding whether Red Faction: Guerrilla would support versions DirectX beyond DirectX 10 – namely 10.1 or 11.

Reagrding this, Toschlog said that the reason the PC version is being released later than the console versions was so extra work on supporting DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 could be accomplished. Also, the developers wanted to add some extra graphical features such as Sun Shafts (God Rays) and Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion.

“We’re supporting Direct X 9 and Direct X 10,” Toschlog told the site. “Since we’re supporting both DX 9 and DX 10, the PC code was actually more complicated than if we’d just supported one API.

“That said, some things were easier under DX 10. In particular, we know that all DX 10 devices will support features such as hardware PCF shadow mapping.

“The graphics are largely the same under DX 9 and DX 10. A few advanced features – such as Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion – only work under DX 10. As for speed, there isn’t a big difference between the two APIs.

“It’s true that most features can be done with both DX 9 and DX 10. Since Direct X is the dominant API on the PC, we expect to be using whatever new versions are available for years to come.”

Just not with this title, apparently.

Game’s out for PC September 15 in the US.

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