CVG destroys IGN in the GTA World Word War with 180-page special

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 3 April 2008 12:39 GMT

Fuck us. Obviously riled by IGN’s gigantic Dan Houser interview on Monday, Future’s launched a new, unprecedented assault in the Grand Theft Auto World Word War with a print-based 180-page special on the entire series, the first in a “CVG Presents” brand.

That’s the Future spirit, right there.

“I bought issue one of CVG in 1981 and I’m delighted that Future is bringing the brand back to the newsstand,” said publishing director James Binns, apparently forgetting that Future closed CVG when it bought Dennis Publishing’s games magazines in 2004. “We will be promoting CVG Presents in store, online and across the rest of our growing games portfolio. Gamers are going absolutely nuts for the release of GTA IV, and the timing of this launch couldn’t be better.”

This has to be the end of it. The only way anyone’s going to top that is by releasing a book telling everyone how good GTA is. That mag’s got to be in the 50-70,000 word region. Gav, can you do a quick word-count and pop us an email? Cheers.

(Thanks, Zumi)

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