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  • Tretton: Buy a PS2 and an EyeToy before trying Natal

    Sony’s Jack Tretton has said that the company “invented” controls similar to Natal “eight years ago.”

  • Shovelware for Move is “obviously a concern”, says SCEA

    Sony WWS VP in the US, Scott Rhode, has said shovelware software for PlayStation Move is a big “concern”.

  • Seybold: PSMC to be pushed with an “aggressive approach”

    Head of comms at SCEA, Patrick Seybold, has told VG247 US editor Stephany Nunneley that the PlayStation Motion Controller will be “promoted” at release with an “aggressive approach”.

  • SCEA: PS3 facing US shortages, situation to last “a bit longer”

    US PS3 stocks are having trouble meeting demand, SCEA comms boss Patrick Seybold has confirmed to VG247 US ed Stephany Nunneley, following SCE UK admitting a similar situation in February.

  • Sony patent shows degradable demos

    Sony’s registered a patent for something known as degradeable demos.

  • SCEA: Arc will have the goods to make Natal “PR barrage” go away

    SCEA SVP of PR Rob Dyer has said the way Microsoft is currently promoting Project Natal is all in your face.

  • PSP will have “robust” third-party line-up for 2010, says SCEA

    SCEA SVP of PR Rob Dyer has said the PSP will expect a pretty “robust” third-party line-up for 2010.

  • SCEA: Third-party publishers no longer spending resources on Wii

    SCEA’s Rob Dyer, has said that due to third-party games not doing so hot on Wii lately, more publishers are coming back to PS3 now that the system’s no longer the “hot” thing on the market.

  • SCEA: Exclusives aren’t as commonplace as the PS2 days

    SCEA VP of public relations, Rob Dyer, has said that he sees the console exclusivity trend disappearing in the future, citing that “exclusives just aren’t as commonplace as they were during the PS2″ era. However, he does see advertisements being the way forward in getting consumers to purchase one console version over the other, and […]

  • Sony: PS3 has 360 beat on first-party titles, catching up rapidly on third-parties

    Underdog. Come-from-behind victory. “Giant enemy crab.” Just a few years ago, Sony would never have associated itself with any of these phrases. But that’s all changed with the bumpy ride that is the PS3. Now, though, after an extremely successful price cut, the once-humbled console maker seems to be back in the saddle of its […]

  • SCEA: Arc is a “code name” for PlayStation Motion Controller

    SCEA’s comms boss Patrick Seybold has said PlayStation Arc is a “rumored code name” for the upcoming motion controller.

  • Sony “very confident” PS3 will beat 360 within 10-year “time-frame”

    SCEA’s Peter Dille’s claimed PS3 will beat 360 in terms of unit sales in the next 10 years.

  • Koller: PSN expansion a “critical part” of Sony’s focus this year

    John Koller has revealed Sony’s digital distribution plans for the year, stating that expanding the PlayStation Network is a “critical part” of Sony’s focus in 2010.

  • Sony: 70% sales growth YoY for PS3; receives 17 VGA nominations

    SCEA has announced that it has seen a 70 percent growth in sales for PS3 when compared to October 2008, making it “the only console to experience significant growth year over year”. According to a statement from Sony, October also marked the “highest month of revenue on record for the PlayStation Store, with downloads increasing […]

  • SCEA patents “Mystery Science Theater 3000″-like interactive TV interface

    Siliconera‘s happened upon a new-ish (it was filed back in April) Sony patent that commandeers the rights to an interactive television interface not unlike that of Mystery Science Theater 3000. So basically, your avatar appears on-screen during a movie or TV show, leading to all sorts of wacky hijinks. “For example, avatars displayed to a […]

  • SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 suffers delay, marketing to blame

    Is that a squad of Navy Seals in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? Oh, you say SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 on the PSP’s been delayed until January 12, 2010? Hm. Well, this is awkward. “It’s looking and playing great…some high value visual assets have only recently been […]

  • Aussie PSPgo sells 1,000 units in week one

    According to The Age, PSPgo managed to move only 1,000 units in Australia on its launch week. Michael Ephraim, managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, told the publication that first week sales were “not under 1000 but it’s slightly over 1000″ units. “Clearly we haven’t done massive numbers but it’s not something that we’re […]

  • September NPD: Sony “continues to redefine entertainment”

    Sony’s pumped about its September PS3 sales in the US. So much so, in fact, that boss Jack Tretton has claimed the company is changing the shape of “entertainment” as a whole. “We are in the midst of one of the most exciting times for PlayStation as we continue to redefine entertainment experiences for consumers, […]

  • Tretton: Risk-loving Sony seeing “sky-rocketing” PS3 sales thanks to Slim

    SCEA’s Jack Tretton’s told Forbes that Sony’s PS3 Slim gamble has paid off, with the console revamp resulting in “sky-rocketing sales… We couldn’t be happier with the numbers we’re seeing.” Tretton added that he sees Sony as a greater risk-taker than Nintendo. “We don’t have unlimited money, we cater to a more mass market audience, […]

  • PSN ‘Game Cards’ coming to NA, skipping UK

    Retailers aren’t too fond of the PSP Go, and with good reason. After all, who needs crummy old brick-and-mortar when every game you could ever want lies at your fingertips? Joystiq cornered Sony with this pressing issue, and – shockingly enough – got a response. Sony of America’s keeping retailers in its corner with a […]

  • SCEA – No PSPgo Rewards program for US

    You know the PSPgo Rewards program SCEE announced yesterday? The one that gives three free games to punters upgrading from current gen PSPs to a PSPgo? Yeah; you’re not getting it, Americans. “We have a dual platform strategy,” an SCEA rep told IGN. “PSPgo is the latest offering in our portable entertainment products targeted for […]

  • Sony pulls “Nigerian” bit from its commercials

    Sony has pulled its offending commercials featuring the Nigerian millionaire bit, and have replaced them with an edited version, according to Kotaku. Issuing an apology on the official PlayStation website, Patrick Seybold, senior director of corporate communications at SCEA, stated: “It has come to our attention that a recent TV advertisement for PlayStation may have […]

  • Sony’s GC Press Event: Tretton on the PS3 Slim

    SCEA president Jack Tretton has spoken out on the PS3 Slim and the PS3 price-cut  in a video interview with the US PS Blog for the first time. “We’re extremely pleased that we’ve been able to meet production efficiencies that have allowed us to pass on those savings onto consumers,” said Tretton. “As you know, […]

  • July NPD: PS3 is “just getting warmed up,” says Sony

    Sony’s responded to tonight’s NPD figures by saying PS3 is “just getting warmed up” and pointing out differences between its console, 360 Arcade and Wii. “When you compare all the features against other industry offerings, there is no doubt that the PlayStation 3 provides the most complete entertainment system on the market today – right […]

  • SCEA confirm worldwide Fat Princess release for Thursday

    Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed that Fat Princess will finally a get a release worldwide this Thursday. Managing Producer for SCEA, Deborah Mars, made the announcement on the US PS Blog. “Without further ado, we’re proud to announce that Fat Princess will make her royal appearance on the PlayStation Network this Thursday, July 30th for $14.99,” said Mars. “Fat […]

  • Sony says it’s no longer playing catch up with Xbox Live

    Eric Lempel, SCEA’s director of PSN operations, has said that the service is no longer playing catch up with Xbox Live. “I don’t think there’s a lot of ‘catch up’ [with XBL] any more. In some cases, I think we’ve got more, and we’ve got some other things they don’t have,” he told Industry Gamers. […]

  • SCEA trademarks Echoshift

    SCEA’s applied for a trademark for Echoshift, as you can see here. What is it? We don’t know. An Echochrome sequel, or something? Thanks, superannuation.

  • SCEA responds to Kotick’s PS3 “support” comments

    SCEA has responded to ActiBlzz’s threats to stop supporting the company’s hardware if it does not cut the price on PS3. “PlayStation has tremendous momentum coming out of E3, and we are seeing positive growth with more than 350 titles slated to hit across all our platforms, including many anticipated games from our publishing partners,” […]

  • Tretton: “People don’t respect confidentiality in this industry”

    Sony boss Jack Tretton’s had a bit of a boohoo to CNBC about the fact his E3 press conference got spunked all over the internet before he got anywhere near the LA stage. “People don’t respect confidentiality in this industry,” says Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America. “It’s tough enough […]

  • April NPD: Sony ignores PS3 figures in reaction

    SCEA ignored the fact PS3 only sold 127,000 units in the US last month in its post-NPD press release, focussing instead on the console’s upcoming slate. “We’re revving up the new fiscal year with a broad tent of content and services across our platforms with envelope-pushing PS3 games like inFAMOUS, MAG, and Uncharted 2: Among […]