XCOM: Enemy Unknown appears to be in testing on Steam for Linux now

Thursday, 8 May 2014 12:03 GMT By Dave Cook

XCOM: Enemy Unknown looks like it’s coming to Steam for Linux, as suggested to changes posted on the Steam Database.


The lines were spotted by Gaming On Linux, and go as follows:

Changed UFS
rootoverrides/2/os: linux
rootoverrides/2/oscompare: =
rootoverrides/2/pathtransforms/1/find: My Games/XCOM – Enemy Unknown/XComGame
rootoverrides/2/pathtransforms/1/replace: feral-interactive/XCOM/SaveData
rootoverrides/2/pathtransforms/2/find: My Games/XCOM – Enemy Within/XComGame
rootoverrides/2/pathtransforms/2/replace: feral-interactive/XCOM/XEW/SaveData
rootoverrides/2/root: WinMyDocuments
rootoverrides/2/useinstead: LinuxXdgDataHome

This entry makes specific mention of “XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mac and Linux for Beta Testing,” and was added to the datatbase six days ago.

Firaxis and 2K have yet to confirm XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Linux, but we’ve shot them an email to see what’s-what.

Stay tuned.