Watch Dogs 2 development wouldn’t take as long as original, says Morin

Thursday, 24th April 2014 08:27 GMT By Dave Cook

Watch Dogs 2 isn’t actually a thing yet, according to creative director Jonathan Morin, but if it was he feels it wouldn’t take as long to make as the original.


It follows these brand new Watch Dogs screens, and Stace Harman’s Watch Dogs preview. We’ve even got a nine-minute video of the game’s multiplayer in action.

Now, speaking with Eurogamer, Morin said, “Right now there is no such thing as a Watch Dogs 2,” and added that if a sequel were to happen, development time wouldn’t be as long as the original.

“It’s certainly not going to be the same amount of time if we ever embark on such a journey,” he went on. “A big part of it was defining whatever Watch Dogs is. Once you have that starting point, then what becomes interesting is what players want more of – what comes next?”

“Especially with the delay we have just been really concentrating on getting it [the original Watch Dogs] launched. After that we’ll see where it goes – I think Ubisoft is showing more and more that they’re willing to take the time for it to be right.”

When asked what it would take for a sequel to happen, Mornin declined to explain, but replied, “I think we’re in a pretty good shape. I certainly like the idea of going deeper in the thematics – the hyperconnectivity and hacking in an entire city, controlling a city, monitoring everyone.

“There’s stuff we discovered by making Watch Dogs that are interesting to pursue. But it’s up to players. [And] for me right now – it’s vacation.”

Watch Dogs is out on May 27 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and is still slated for Wii U this year.



  1. dsr

    “if a sequel were to happen, development time wouldn’t be as long as the original”

    Wow! This blew my mind! Who could’ve guessed! Brilliant journalism on EG part. Asking dem hard hitting questions.

    #1 8 months ago
  2. Panthro

    Now I understand how Ass Creed turned so poo.

    After every sequel the development time shortened.


    1. Fans are already hooked
    2. Lack of ideas
    3. Longer dev time = more money lost
    4. Because… Ubisoft

    Speculation ofcourse, Don’t hit me.

    #2 8 months ago
  3. dazedonthemoon

    So basically what they are saying is yes, we are working on Watch Dogs 2 but we can’t say that because we don’t want consumers knowing that Ubisoft is doing Ubisoft things.

    #3 8 months ago
  4. Dave Cook

    @dsr How do you know what the exact question was? Were you there?

    I often ask hard questions of devs, only to get a flaky, non-committal response back. Nature of the job.

    #4 8 months ago
  5. abdooltk

    when i saw this trailer I feel shame from this company and their developers there is a massive downgrade compression to E3 2013 and 2012 so I will buy it as used game..that’s killing me guys why I just buy my Ps4 with infamous ss which is much much butter then Watch Dogs in visual side Dame it :(

    #5 8 months ago
  6. Erthazus

    They developed the engine. Now they can play with ideas but so far the more I watch the game the less I want it.

    It looks like a Saints Row/GTA Rip Off with Press X To Win hacking gameplay which is ok for console gamers that don’t play games for the gameplay anyway and yeah, shitty graphics. Even on the PC.

    You can see graphics in MGSV:GZ that was developed for last gen and current gen and it looks so much better. not to mention about PS4′s inFamous:SS with it’s photo mode for example. gorgeous stuff and don’t let me say about the PC. You know it.

    So far Watch Dogs is a PR bullshit in which journalists took the bait from the first E3 demo.

    #6 8 months ago
  7. Panthro

    ^ Dont click abdooltk’s link, he is trying to score views for his youtube video.

    #7 8 months ago
  8. Angela Jone


    #8 8 months ago
  9. ij 44

    Since they stopped showing the bullshit “next gen” videos ever trailer I see looks exactly like a GTA trailer, both in content, style and presentation.

    Until the miserable trenchcoated shit turns up and starts pressing his camera-phone. Then I know its a ubisoft game – will be a real challenge for the miserable canadians to take an incredibly promising idea and game engine and turn it into the most miserable “game” experience you ever had. But they have a track record – Assasin’s Creed Revelations, Assasin’s Creed 3 etc

    Expect the journalists to suck it down like your mum does down the docks after closing time, and sequel as regular as a prune farmers movements.

    #9 8 months ago
  10. artusamak

    Bring on the annual sequels AssCreed-style!! Next-gen baby~!

    #10 8 months ago

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