Team Fortress 2 update improves chemistry set use, other fixes inside

Wednesday, 4 September 2013 08:57 GMT By Dave Cook

Team Fortress 2 has received a new update, courtesy of Valve. The patch makes chemistry sets easier to use, along with other fixes. Get the full patch notes here.

It’s just a wee update, but Valve issued the notes last night. They are as follows:

  • Added the ability to double-click backpack items to use them in Chemistry Sets
  • Fixed clients not always seeing a warning about using not-tradable items in Chemistry Sets
  • Fixed not-tradable Strangifiers not applying the not-tradable status to the item they are used on
  • Fixed the Gunslinger’s taunt kill not counting towards taunt kills on a Strange Gunslinger
  • Removed showing the Marked For Death icon over the head of the local player
  • Fixed seeing stretched polygons in the HUD 3D Character

The patch is out now and will install next time you boot the game up.

Via PCGamesN.