Valve introduces the DOTA 2 Interactive Compendium

Wednesday, 8 May 2013 12:07 GMT By Alex Donaldson

The march of DOTA 2 moving towards being some insane industry all of its own continues with the Interactive Compendium, a supplement to the upcoming International Championships.

The Interactive Compendium is available for $10, and essentially offers news on the tournament while also allowing fans to vote on tournament-related issues including having a say on the recipients of post-tournament awards.

Predictions players make in the Compendium will be unlocked for all to see once The International draws to a close, meaning that friends can then compare how well they did at predicting results.

The Compendium also unlocks “special virtual item drops throughout the tournament” to give players an in-game incentive to purchase and can be used to match players who have a similar interest in tournament play against each other.

25% of all revenue generated by the Compendium will be pumped into the prize pot for the International itself, meaning that the base $1.6 million on offer is now only a starting point. Those who purchase real-world tickets to the International will receive the Compendium alongside their ticket.

The International is set to take place in Seattle between August 7th and 11th.