Eurogamer Expo: Halo 4 session, full video here

Thursday, 27th September 2012 12:52 GMT By Nick Akerman

Frank O’Connor has kicked off proceedings at Eurogamer Expo with an impressive showing for Halo 4. The 343 Industries development executive showcased an action-packed section of the game and also answered questions from those in attendance.

You can check out the full video right here:

The Expo is crammed with games industry talent this year. Other speakers include Hideo Kojima, DayZ creator Dean Hall, and Peter Molyneux.



  1. polygem

    i really do not like where ms is going with the xbox…i´m hating their business model…but halo is just so damn good. definiteley one of my all time fave gaming ip´s: zelda, mario, half life, castlevania (or metroid, cannot decide) and halo are my top 5 i guess. it was one of, if not even THE the biggest coup in videogaming for ms to get the rights of this ip…i wish nintendo had done it ;)
    halo is the only reason i still stick with the xbox. to me it is a good reason and probably it will even be enough for me to buy their next console just for halo 5 or whatever prequel or sequel they will come up with. it´s just one of the greatest videogame franchises ever. i know there are many haters but i really cannot see where those are coming from…

    #1 2 years ago

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