RuneScape to introduce limited microtransaction system

Tuesday, 3rd April 2012 01:28 GMT By Brenna Hillier

One of the oldest subscription browser-based MMOs is making tentative steps towards microtransaction support.

As detailed on the RuneScape forum, players can now purchase extra spins in the Squeal of Fortune mini-game, which rewards lucky winners with special items and equipment.

Extra spins can be purchased through a dedicated portal or through the RuneScape billing system.

“Although earning and winning spins are great new ways to spend more time punching Yelps in the chops, that’s not enough for the impatient among us,” a moderator said.

“We’ve done our maths and are confident that the Squeal of Fortune has minimal impact on the RuneScape economy. To make sure the economy remains balanced, spins are not tradable or bankable.”

Purchased spins have the same chances of turning up rare items as free spins, and players will always use free spins before purchased ones.

Runescape first launched in 2001 and is free to play, but relies on premium subscribers. It is estimated to have 10 million active users.

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