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What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | Let's chat about what we're playing right now.

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Happy Friday! It's been a long week.

So for this week's Community Question, we're keeping things simple. Tell us in the comments: What game are you playing this weekend? You can find some of our own answers below.

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Eric Van Allen, News Editor

I've been rapidly oscillating between Dota 2 and Valorant, thanks to the former's battle pass and the latter's popularity among my friend groups. But alongside those two, I've finally found a weekend where I have no games to play for work, and so I've made a pact to finally start digging into the absolutely massive bundle.

There are a number of games on here that have caught my eye, so I'll just run down the short list of games I plan to spend at least half-an-hour or so playing: BEACON, A Mortician's Tale, Airships: Conquer the Skies, One Night Stand, Long Gone Days, Kids, Signs of the Sojourner, The Fall of Lazarus, If Not Us, Boreal Tenebrae.

Mathew Olson, Reporter

I'm hopefully going to finish The Last of Us Part 2 this weekend. I've lost track of how many hours I've played so far, many of them spent roaming through eerily faithful versions of Seattle.

Caty McCarthy, Senior Editor

My weekend plan is to watch the new season of Search Party and kick back with Ninjala, which I plan to have a review for early next week! For those unaware: Ninjala is the new free-to-play GungHo Switch-exclusive game that's very much leaning on Splatoon's colorful, kid-friendly pizzazz. Despite being a melee, everyone-for-themselves action game, it has quite a bit in common with Splatoon. I'm enjoying it so far more than I thought I would; the menu is especially cute. Its whole vibe is a nice counter to finishing up The Last of Us Part 2 this week.

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