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What are you playing this weekend?

Make the world go away. Get it off your shoulders - and play some videogames.

It's that time of the week again. Time to forget your troubles, get happy, and chase all your cares away. By playing videogames.

This weekend, we are doing a lot of Kung Fu fighting and being as fast as lightning, playing the latest MMO, doing a bit of skateboarding, and fighting fantastical machines in a world beset by a red blight.

Yes, we're going to be keeping ourselves very busy.

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Connor Makar, Staff Writer - Lost Ark, King of Fighters 15

This weekend, I'll be trying my best to get in as much Lost Ark time as possible. No doubt the queues will be huge, but I reckon if I wake up early enough I'll be able to pull it off. I'm going to try and flesh out that adventure journal as much as I can before work starts back up on Monday.

Also, now that King of Fighters 15 is out in full, I want to get some real online practice underway. I'm still pretty bad, but I'm hoping by the end of the weekend I'll be able to change that. Here's hoping!

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Dom Peppiatt, Features Editor - OlliOlli World, Horizon Forbidden West

Last week, for this feature, I told you all I would be playing OlliOlli World. Fast-forward seven days, and here I am… still playing OlliOlli World. Perhaps the decision to play it by making sure I complete every objective as I go was a mistake (especially as I approach the end-game, eesh), but I’m still having fun. Just ignore that throbbing blood blister on my thumb that’s ready to pop at a moment’s notice.

I also completed Horizon Forbidden West ahead of getting my review ready earlier in the week, but I’m not done with it yet – there are still some trophies to mop up, and I’m dead set on making sure I finish off all the Arena quests, too. They’re damn tough, but those timed encounters really shine a light on how tight the combat can be when the game is firing on all cylinders. Here’s hoping those high-level battles are a little bit easier on my ruined digits post-OlliOlli, though.

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James Blillcliffe, Guides Editor - Sifu

I am sorry for lying to you.

Last week I said I'd be diving into kungfu brawler Sifu for a bit ( or rather Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique) of nostalgia. I knew full well that I'd have to play Horizon Forbidden West all weekend for work and true enough I did.

This weekend, however, I will be rectifying the injustice by finally giving Sifu a shot, while also trying not to think about the time when I watched The Raid 2 - another excellent fighting film - sex toy factories and all, with my parents on Christmas Day when I was 19.

(Horizon is also very good by the way)

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Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief - Horizon Forbidden West, PS5

Horizon Forbidden West is a very pretty game. I've only played for about an hour, but it's already got me more interested than the original managed by this point. Not that it's an especially rapid opening, with things meandering along a little as the scene is set. Still, I am keen to play more and I'm enjoying the combat more than I did in the first game, which is good news.

But what I really want to mention here is what an amazing job Guerrilla did on the PS4 version. Our friends at Digital Foundry break it all down in the video above. You can really see where the PS5 version goes beyond what was possible on the 8-year-old hardware, but what PS4 players get is still a nice upgrade over the original.

That's what we're up to this weekend. What about you? Did you pick up Horizon Forbidden West? Aren't you amazed that I didn't type Horizon Zero Dawn once in this piece? I am pretty proud of that accomplishment, honestly. Anyway, tell us what you plan on playing this weekend. Inquiring minds want to know!

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