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What are you playing this weekend?

I smell the weekend.

Ahh, can you smell that? That divine aroma is the weekend, and what better way to enjoy such a pleasant fragrance than by playing some games, right?

We plan on spending our time off of the next couple of days doing normal things but also by jumping into the virtual world.

Some of us plan on going on thrill rides with our virtual bike, flying around on our Sparrow, revisiting a classic Final Fantasy title, and playing a game for the umpteenth time that has been released multiple times. You probably already know which one we are talking about.

Here is what we are playing this weekend.

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Connor Makar, Staff Writer - Destiny 2, King of Fighters 14

This weekend I'll be jumping back in Destiny 2 ahead of The Witch Queen expansion launch next month. I've got a laundry list of sorts to work through, and knowing me I'll probably forget to do it if I leave it any longer.

On top of that, I'll be popping back into King of Fighters 14 here and there. With King of Fighters 15 on the horizon, I'm still trying to get my bearings before it drops. Will it make me any better? Probably not, but it's worth a try!

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Dom Peppiatt, Features Editor - Final Fantasy 13

I was struck down like a dog over the Christmas break thanks to a particularly virulent attack of the ol’ Covid-19 virus, so I didn’t get to see my family over the festive period, at all. This weekend, they’re popping down from the Midlands to have a quick sample of London life (and a month-late Christmas dinner). So that doesn’t leave a lot of time for gaming. That said, I have had some very last-minute changes to my plans this weekend.

During my Friday shift today, I downloaded Final Fantasy 13 onto my Series X – publishing a wonderful piece about why we should all give Square Enix’s troubled RPG another shot really inspired me. It made me think about Lightning’s relationships with the rest of the cast and put me in mind of the parent/child relationships that lie at the beating heart of this oddball game. Perhaps it’s fitting that I’m going to be snatching an hour or two in the world of Cocoon in between reconnecting with my own folks, eh?

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Stephany Nunneley, News Editor - Skyrim: Anniversary Edition

I hadn't really planned on playing much this weekend, because I have to go buy some topsoil for my yard. See, the lovely Beagle and German Shepherd have decided it's fun to dig holes in front of the back porch and these holes accumulate water, which creates mud, which means my house gets full of it. So, I am off to buy dirt to fill said holes and then toss large rubber mats I used in my horse's stall in the area to cover the dirt until I can buy some grass seed in the spring. The joys of homeownership, right? Other than that, I think I will give one game a go on Saturday night or Sunday.

It will likely be Skyrim: Anniversary Edition because I have been putting off playing it for a while now. I have been playing the Special Edition mainly because all of the mods I have installed work. I am not so sure about these same mods working when it comes to the Anniversary Edition, as some haven't been updated to work with it.

I have played Skyrim so many times on both PC and Xbox systems that it's kind of pathetic, but I absolutely adore the game. I also have yet to finish the thing, despite hundreds and hundreds of hours spent in it, and this is on every playthrough because I choose to do different things each time I start a new character. During this last playthrough with the SE, I decided not to join the Dark Brotherhood. This time out with the AE, I may, and just go in and slaughter everyone. I'm not sure just yet what I plan to do.

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Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief - Descenders

I'm back on Descenders. I'd fallen out of my near-daily bursts on this downhill biking thrill-ride, but the game appeared as one of the monthly reward point challenges on Xbox and now I'm hooked again.

I don't have much more to say about it, other than it's still on Game Pass and well worth a look if you're into precision, twitch-like controls, tricks, and speed. It looks a little rough, but it's a game that is all about the sensation of speed and the reward for pulling off dangerous stunts.

Those are our gaming plans for the weekend. What do you plan on playing? Let us know!

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