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Watch Dogs Walkthrough: The Future is in Blume - boxes, spyware, escape 

It's a big job ahead of you: infiltrate Blume, upload the spyware and get out of there without being seen.


Objective: Reach Blume
Objective: Infiltrate Blume unseen

You'll be directed to Blume as you begin. From the main entrance, move right until you get to the barred opening in the wall. Look through to see the next building and the camera mounted on top of it. Access the camera and move it up to access the laptop camera in the security room.

Move this new camera up and to the left to access a camera in the corner of the room. You can now unlock two panels, one straight ahead and one on the right wall that's partially hidden. Unlock the panels and the gate and door in the security room will open.

Get inside the gate and take cover by the door to the security room. Watch the guard in the middle, and as soon as he turns away from the security room, creep inside and take down the guard within.

Now you need to clear away three guards surrounding the target. One patrols a route, one is off to the far side and one stands next to the target.

The guy on the far side is easiest. Wait for the patrolling guard to pass then sneak up on the other guard and take him down. Hack the panel nearby to open the gate if you need to use it to get out. When the guard on patrol spots the body nearby he will investigate - take him down. Now sneak up on the guard close to the target and finish him off too. Now access the target panel.

Objective: Profile the ctOS box
Objective: Find an activate the ctOS Boxes

There's a room nearby that has the ctOS box in you need to profile. Move inside the room and follow the white lines which lead to two ctOS Boxes. Go out of the room and to the north east. Access the camera to spot four guards in the immediate area. You can take out the closest guard easily because the other guard's vision is blocked by a palette.

Use the mini map to see when guard around the corner is walking away from the guard closest to you. When he moves away, use the Attract hack on the phone in the room you're headed to in order to get the attention of the next guard. While his back is turned, take him down, then quickly move into the room and hack the box.

Go around to the opposite side of the compound to see two guards neat solar panels. Wait at the top of the stairs using the cameras to turn the solar panel closest to you. This gives you cover so you can move in without the guards spotting you, but don't move in just yet. Access the camera above the room next to the stationary guard. Use the Attract hack inside the room when the patrolling guard moves away.

If the guard on patrol isn't facing you take him down quickly before the other returns. If he is, turn the solar panel to distract him then put him down. Once the other guy comes to investigate deal with him. Inside the room are some electronic parts near the hack box. Activate the hack box too.

Objective: Break into Blume's network unseen

Now go back to the main ctOS box and start the mini game. All the turns for this hotspot take place in the middle, with the final point being at the very bottom. Turn the point twice in the upper left corner, then move down one point and unlock it, turning it once. Next, move back up one point and turn it once.

Go across to the point on the far right (upper most point on the right), turning it three times, then move down to unlock the point directly below it. Turn the upper left point once, then unlock the point in the middle. Turn the right one point twice, then move all the way across to the far left (lower point) and turn it twice. Now move up one point and turn it three more times to unlock the point at the very bottom.

For the second hotspot, start with point on the far left turning it three times. Move to the bottom left, unlock it, then turn it once, then move back up to the first point and turn it three times. Move right one point, unlock it, then turn it three times and move to the timed spot in the middle and turn it once.

Go down one spot, unlock it, turn it three times, go back to the timed point and turn once. Move up one point, unlock it, turn it three times before moving left one point and turn it twice, unlocking the final point on the far right giving access to the camera.

Objective: Install T-Bone's spyware
Objective: Locate Damien's meeting
Objective: Exit Blume

Angle the camera up to access the hacking point and install the spyware. When the guard moves access his camera and wait for him to go through the door. Move the camera up and left and switch to the camer in the next room.

Eavesdrop on the conversation, then get out of Blume. Remain in cover initially for the alert guards to shift back to their normal positions then it's easy to get out of the main gate without being seen. Go around the outside of the facility to the waypoint and the mission is over.

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