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Watch Dogs: Open Your World - Badboy 17, ctOS offices, upload virus

This long mission has you sneaking into the ctOS offices and uploading a virus to give Clara access


Objective: Meet with Badboy17
Objective: Reach the ctOS Executive Offices
Objective: Enter through the underground loading zone

Go down the stairs to trigger a cutscene, the head over to the next waypoint where you have to enter a building through its loading zone. There's one guard that needs your attention first, so creep up to red zone on your minimap and set off the car alarm on the van. When he moves over to take a look, get close and perform a takedown on him.

Use the van for cover and move around its left-hand side and close the loading zone door. This will attract a guard who you can them move up on and takedown. Now target the car ahead to your right and set the car alarm off. As another guard comes over to investigate. He'll come over to check out the bodies too, which is when you can perform another takedown. That's three guards down.

There's a camera to the right that you should now hack - turn the camera to the right to see a guard with an explosive. Don't hack it yet but make a mental note of where the guard is. On the left of the guard is a camera ripe for hacking, then use this camera to find the other camera far right wall. Use this to focus on the hacking sport that unlocks the door.

Now head to the other van and hack the camera that you used to see the guard with the explosives. Now you can hack them to take him out and the explosion will attract three more guards. As they clear the area near the door, run through the door and to the next waypoint.

Objective: Locate the guard with the access code

There's a camera straight ahead past the soda machine which you should access. Move it left and focus in on the guard at the end. Be patient as he moves around a fair bit. You need to hack this guy for the access code. There's another camera here which you might find gives you a better view of him.

Objective: Hack the access point to breach the unsecure laptop

Now you have the access code hack the first camera and you'll spot two explosive plates on the floor. Use one to take out a guard as he approaches, then the other to take down a second guard who comes over to investigate.

Use the soda machine for cover and when the other guard gets close enough perform a takedown him. Now hack the soda machine to get the other guy's attention and put him down too. There are now two gurds patrolling the top floor and one on the bottoms floor.

Make your way around the outside of the room until you're near the stairs in the corner. Use the camera on the wall to distract the guard near the stairs and take him down once he's distracted. Now creep up the stairs and wait for the guard at the end to wander out of the room. Now they are separated you should be able to take them both down quietly and being hacking the target.

It's time for a hacking minigame. The point on the left needs to be turned twice and the one on the far right twice as well. Now unlock the middle point, turning it three times (which means you're pressing it four times in total). Now turn the left point once again and the right point once. You can now unlock the point at the top and move on to hotspot number two.

Turn the left point twice, the point above it once and the point to the right three times. The final point needs turning once to the right. Click on the final point and you've finished the hack.

Objective: Hack the laptop to upload a virus and give Clara access
Objective: Escape the plaza
Objective: Escape the Police scan undetected

With control of the camera hack the laptop dead ahead. You now need to escape the building as fast as possible. You can do it stealthily around the upper floor to evade the cops or just run out of the room, down the hall to the right and out the door. You'll be shot at but you won't die. Quickly steal a car and escape the cops to complete the mission.

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