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Tuesday Stream: Walking Through the Early Turns of Civilization: Beyond Earth

Want to know how to get off to a good start in Civilization: Beyond Earth? Watch this stream.

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Civilization can be pretty overwhelming for new players, and Beyond Earth is different enough that even longtime fans will have to spend some time getting acclimated. So why don't we all learn together?

At 3pm PT, I'll be streaming the initial turns of Civilization: Beyond Earth as I discuss which technologies to target early, the concept of affinities, and how to deal with all those annoying aliens (aside from just shooting them, that is). Join me, won't you?

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Based in part on Alpha Centauri, Civilization: Beyond Earth takes the classic era-spanning mechanics of Civilization V and puts them on an alien world. Think of it as the sequel to the victory where you build a spaceship and slip the surly bonds of Earth once and for all.

This is part of our regular series of streams taking place on Tuesdays and (Retro) Thursdays. On Thursday, Jeremy will be playing Castlevania as part of his month long quest to play a lot of Castlevania. Please join him! And, of course, if you like the stream, please follow our Twitch channel. Archived streams can be found on our Youtube channel. See you at 3pm!

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