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Tuesday Stream: Kat Tries to Go the Distance in Punch-Out!! [YouTubed!]

Join Kat at 4pm PT/7pm ET as she tries to wash the taste of the Mayweather-Pacquiao out of her mouth with some good old-fashioned Punch-Out!!

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The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is over, and it was about as disappointing as most people predicted. But you know what's never disappointing? Punch-Out!!(!)

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With boxing more relevant than it has been in years (and will ever be again), I'm kind of in the mood to see how far I can get in Punch-Out!! today, so I'll be streaming my run at 4pm PT/7pm ET. If I get eliminated before time is up, I'll jump over to Super Punch-Out!! and play a few rounds there.

For the record, the furthest I've gotten in Punch-Out!! is Super Macho Man, who utterly destroyed me. Yes, like everyone else, I used the code to get to Mike Tyson (or Mr. Dream in the later versions). Unfortunately, I was never good enough to get out of the first round. Sigh!

Still, though, I should make it a decent way through Punch-Out!! before succumbing. And with your tips and encouragement, maybe I'll have what it takes to go the distance and earn the Eye of the Tiger. Whatever happens, it'll definitely be more fun than watching Mayweather hug Pacquiao for 12 rounds.

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