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Thursday Stream: The Stars Are Our Destination in X-wing Alliance

Kat hops into the cockpit of the Azameen family YT-1300 and revisits the grand finale of the X-wing series.

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With the release of X-wing Alliance and X-wing vs. TIE Fighter on Good Old Games, the entirety of the classic X-wing series is now officially available online, which means now is the perfect time to revisit the most ambitious version of them all: X-wing Alliance.

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I'll be streaming X-wing Alliance starting 4pm PT/7pm ET, where I'll share my thoughts on its place in flight sim history, as well as its relationship to X-wing and TIE Fighter. I'll also be showing off all the cool mods from X-wing Alliance Upgrade, which are practically a required download.

X-wing Alliance was originally released in 1999 as the final chapter in the X-wing trilogy (X-wing vs. TIE Fighter was more of a challenge pack), its most hyped feature being the introduction of a flyable Millennium Falcon. It's also notable for its more robust story, which follows the Azameen family of traders, and its huge selection of Expanded Universe ships.

Feel free to drop by our Twitch channel to join in on the conversation. If you miss the stream, we'll be archiving it on our Youtube channel.

We stream every Tuesday and Thursday, covering both new and retro games. We also do our share of impromptu streams, so please subscribe to our channel to stay abreast of updates. Until then, as Lando would say, here goes nothing.

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