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The Best of Spider-Man PS4's Awesome Photo Mode

Say cheese.

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Photo mode in a video game isn't just a cool feature found in many of today's triple-A games. They're a tool that lets fans create and share interesting creations in the games they enjoy. Insomniac has taken this to heart by giving Spider-Man players some really cool tools in its own photo mode, and fans are sharing their love online.

A standard photo mode lets you capture a still image from your time in a video game, with some edits to the lighting, camera angle, and HUD. Insomniac went a little further by giving players some unique frames, and a neat little selfie mode, which is exactly as it sounds but better in execution.

Reddit: U/PhunkyPhong
Reddit: U/iHaveABitofTalent

One of the best features unique to Spider-Man's photo mode, as opposed to similar modes in God of War or No Man's Sky, is how Spider-Man lets you take your photos and create custom "The Amazing Spider-Man" comic book covers with them.

Reddit: U/lebone

Then there's also the fact that Spider-Man has a stellar cover star. Spider-Man is a perfect model for taking advantage of Insomniac's gorgeous photo mode and tools. Spider-Man's acrobatics and gravity defying skillset is perfect for taking the most ambitious photos. He also poses for his selfies like a good social media star, unlike some others I can think of (I'm looking at you Kratos).

Combined with Insomniac's detailing and graphics and there are entire photosets from Spider-Man PS4 that look straight out of the most recent Marvel movies.

Reddit: U/LozanoJ

Sometimes photo modes can be used to take hilarious photos out-of-context, and Spider-Man also has those moments. However, for the most part Spider-Man's photographical greatness is a combination of the toolset, star, and setting. Here's to you, Insomniac.

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