Resident Evil 5 Directors Cut

Resi Evil 5 Director’s Cut – sketchy video from Tokyo

Someone filmed a trailer for the Director’s Cut of Resident Evil 5 at TGS last week. Then they put it on the internet. Then we put it below the break.It shows a house. And some tension. And some guns. Play through it again? You will.Look and see.

12 years ago

Resident Evil 5 Directors Cut headlines

  • Voice actress Patricia Ja Lee outs Resident Evil 5 "Director's Cut"

    Patricia Ja Lee, the voice actress for Jill Valentine, has revealed that she will reprise her role for the character in Resident Evil 5: The Director’s Cut.Granted, a Director’s Cut has not been announced despite this being TGS week, and Lee may be referring to DLC instead.Who knows really. We will mail Capcom and see […]

    12 years ago