Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition

Capcom: Sony montion control delay does not affect RE5: Gold release

Capcom has said that Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition’s release date will not be changed, just because Sony’s has delayed the release of its motion controller.

Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition headlines

  • Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition gets new trailer

    Capcom’s sent out a brand new trailer of Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition in Japan.

  • Resi Evil 5 Alt Edition costumes unveiled

    Capcom’s released screens of new character costumes to be included in one of the two upcoming Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition packs. See shots on Siliconera. There’s the PC edition folklore outfit for Sheva and the warrior get-up for Chris. Get full details through there.

  • Resident Evil 5 Alternate Edition DLC gets detailed

    Famitsu has detailed the DLC for the Alternative Edition of Resident Evil 5, and it includes new costumes and a Mercenaries Reunion, which has the same rules as the original but lets you play as previously unplayable characters. There will also be another chapter, which has yet to be revealed, and the already announced Lost […]

  • Lost Planet 2 to sell over 3 million, says Capcom

    Capcom has said in their latest financial report that they expect Lost Planet 2 to sell over 3 million units when it releases next year. To be exact, thats 3.7 million units. They also confirmed they expect Dark Void to sell over 1.3 million units. Super Street Fighter IV is expected to sell just 1.1 […]

  • DLC or boxed? For RE5: Alternative Edition, it's your choice

    Capcom’s been wracking its collective brain as to what form Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition’s Western release should take, and has decided to put the fate of its multi-million dollar franchise in your hands. DLC or fancy-shmancy box, with a real instruction manual and everything? It’s up to you. “Here’s where we’re at: in Japan, […]

  • Resi Evil Alt Edition to use PS3 motion control "from top to bottom"

    Capcom’s Chris Kramer told GT that the PS3 version of Resident Evil 5’s Alternative Edition will be giving more than a little love to the machine’s upcoming motion tech. “They’re going to be using motion controller on PS3 from top to bottom, going in from movement to combat,” he said. “I’ll be very interested to […]

  • New RE5 Alt Edition shots released, extra scenario called "Lost in Nightmares"

    Siliconera has live six new shots of the Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition, showing the extra scenario for the game involving Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Go get them. It’s also been revealed that the bonus chapter is called “Lost in Nightmares”. It’s out next year for the PS3, which will support the PlayStation Motion […]

  • Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition video shows Jill, cranks

    A video for the motion control-enabled Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition is posted past the break, courtesy of Joystiq. It’s basically RE5 with a new flashback mission starring Jill Valentine set in the Spencer Mansion, but spruced up with jiggling of the PS3 controller. Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi said at TGS that the new content may […]

  • Resident Evil 5 motion control version might be coming to Xbox 360 - sans motion controls

    Last week’s TGS brought word of a PS3 motion-doohickey-specific version of Resident Evil 5, which – for obvious reasons – people figured was taking up residence only in Sony Land. However, if a recent Degenki Online report (via IGN) is to be believed, the Xbox 360 will also be receiving a slice of the motion-enabled […]