Planetside 1

PlanetSide 1 will go free-to-play in April

PlanetSide 1 will go free-to-play in April, Sony Online Entertainment announced yesterday. According to a notice in the All Access FAQ, PlanetSide will not see further game development. SOE boss John Smedley confirmed the game would be going F2P back in may 2013. PlanetSide was released in 2003.

6 years ago

Planetside 1 headlines

  • Planetside 1 going free-to-play "fairly soon," says SOE

    Planetside 1 is going free-to-play, SOE boss John Smedley has announced on Twitter. He said with the launch of Planetside 2, its predecessor will be “kept running and it will go F2P sometime fairly soon.” SOE Live starts tomorrow in Las Vegas, and while there won’t be anything announced on PS1 at the event, expect […]

    7 years ago