Map Editor

Dawn of War II to get map editor

The next major Dawn of War II update will include a full map editor, Kotaku reports. Called the “World Builder,” it’ll allow you to “create, edit, and play” on your own maps, and allow you to play with terrain, objects, nodes, weather and whatever else you fancy. There’s more detail and screens through there. No […]

11 years ago

Map Editor headlines

  • Far Cry 2 map editor provides almost the same tools as actual dev kit

    Speaking to Boomtown this morning, Far Cry 2 multiplayer producer Gaetan Richard said that the map editor to ship with the game will provide almost the same functionality given to the in-house developers at Ubi Montreal. “The functionality of our development tools and the editor that ships with the game are pretty much the same,” […]

    11 years ago
  • Far Cry Map editor unveiled

    Ubisoft has unveiled the new Far Cry 2 map editor exclusively to Eurogamer. The lucky so-and-so’s. From the article: “You can set up a range of mountains, drag a river across the landscape and fill in the landscape with vegetation using a simple wheel system and manipulation tools for laying out things like watchtowers and […]

    12 years ago