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Retronauts Micro Goes from Myth to Laughter with a Look at Parodius

Return to the Golden Age of Konami for a bite-sized examination of their goofiest series.

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As a video game website, it's our job to stay relevant. Still, I can't help but get a little giddy over the fact that this installment of Retronauts Micro will put Parodius (of all things) right on USgamer's front page.

Rest assured, this isn't an inside job to destroy our SEO power and/or Google ranking. Now that I'm doing these Micro episodes by myself, I can finally talk about subjects the rest of the crew wouldn't necessarily be interested in—so it's only natural for me to end up at Parodius sooner or later. Now, I wouldn't call myself a superfan of the series, but something in me finds this brand of cute-em-up (a take on "shoot-em-up," you see) endlessly appealing—and with the recent dust-up between Konami and Hideo Kojima, it's completely fascinating to return to a time when this beloved Japanese developer actually made video games. Well, they still kinda do, but you get my point.

Since this episode is only ten minutes long, going into further detail would ruin the surprises packed within, so I'll let you learn more about Parodius on your own. In closing, I hope you'll find this one an improvement over my last solo Micro—there's more improvisation, less stammering, and, most importantly, lots and lots of music. (Which is vital for any Parodius-based podcast.) That said, if you have any recommendations for these Bob-driven episodes, please let me know; I think I've found the right formula, but, in general, we should always try to make things less awkward. It's the American way!

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