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Murdered: Soul Suspect reviews drop - get all the scores here

Murdered: Soul Suspect hails from a team once led by the creator of Portal. Does it live up to Kim Swift's reputation for turning the gaming world on its ear? Let's see what the critics have to say.


The review embargo for the Airtight Games mystery adventure lifted overnight, and major sites have begun delivering their assessment.

I've been on leave, so I personally haven't had time to check the full build out, but when I last played it I found it to be a strange blend of Heavy Rain and LA Noire with a good, hefty dose of stealth action worked in. I liked the little stories you could optionally uncover, but felt the main character was a bit of a prat. (I mean, just look at the hat.)

My own mixed feelings seem to have been echoed by critics so far, with a handful of relatively low scores enlightened by some puzzling outliers. A game that tries different things is always going to be divisive, of course, and it's often these kinds of games that win the most ardent fan bases. Just look at Deadly Premonition - widely derided for its clumsy controls and clunky, restrictive gameplay at launch, but hailed as a cult classic now.

As such it's kind of hard to make a prediction as to whether you'd actually like it or not, just based on numbers. Skimming the reviews so far, it looks like the harshest critics are uncomfortable with the way the game juxtaposes different styles of play, and found puzzle solving to be repetitive and unchallenging. High notes seem to derive from the game's atmosphere and storytelling.

We'll have more scores as they come in, and welcome your own links in the comments. All scores out of ten except where otherwise noted; I've also normalised the scores to a ten point scale in brackets where possible.

Murdered: Soul Suspect launches on PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on June 3 in North America and June 6 in Europe.

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