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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men sold 1.7M units, says IO


Kane & Lynch 2 director Karsten Lund has told VG247 that the first Kane & Lynch game sold rather well.

"It didn’t do well in reviews, but it did very well in sales," he said, speaking in an interview.

"I think we did 1.7 million. That’s pretty good for a first shot on a franchise, so it makes a lot of sense for us to do a sequel - and I think people will want to check it out before they buy it, and they should be my guests."

Those numbers are up a bit from when the last figures released for the game, which stood at 1.4 million in March 2008.

Released in November 2007, the game was not without controversy, which we are all fully versed in by now, and Metacritic scores for all formats averaged at 65.

Still, 1.7 million units is nothing to sneeze at.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dogs Days is slated for later in the year. New shots are through here.

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