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If You Could Get Any Studio to Make a Nintendo Game, What Would It Be?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | After this week's wild WayForward speculation, let's dream up more ideas!

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This week, Nintendo announced a live Nintendo Treehouse stream. The stream was teased to host a new game reveal from WayForward, coupled with Paper Mario: The Origami King gameplay. Immediately, fans began to speculate wildly, assuming this was a Cadence of Hyrule situation where a random first-party spin-off was going to be announced by an indie developer.

The most common theory was that WayForward, for some reason, was going to reveal a new Metroid game. It sounded cool in theory, but the reality was not as exciting. WayForward instead unveiled that it is making Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia.

As you wipe away your tears for getting your hopes up, let's dream up some other unlikely spin-offs. Tell us in the comments: If you could have any game studio make a Nintendo game, what would it be?

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Nadia Oxford, Staff Writer

You know, Capcom did a decent job with its top-down Zelda games; I wouldn't mind seeing the studio pump out a few more. I don't know how many people liked Minish Cap, but I actually loved it. It was very Zelda-y (sorry, metaphor machine broke), but it had its own ideas and atmosphere that might not have come through in a purely Nintendo-made Zelda game. So, yeah. Minish Cap 2 whenever, Nintendo/Capcom. I'm ready.

Caty McCarthy, Senior Editor

While technically just published by Nintendo, I've always considered Style Savvy to be a Nintendo series at heart considering its home on Nintendo DS and 3DS. It's been three years since its last entry on Nintendo 3DS, and it's long overdue for a Switch installment. My wild dream? Recruit the developers behind the mobile game Love Nikki Dress-up Queen to take over!

For many years, I played Love Nikki every day, until I ultimately burned out on it (and spent too much money on its microtransactions). What Love Nikki has always excelled in is actually fashionable style, whereas unfortunately, Style Savvy often fell out of trend by the time its games were localized for non-Japanese audiences. My only hope is that the next Style Savvy in the series—no matter who develops it—will have a simultaneous worldwide release to avoid this faux pas. Love Nikki also goes extra bonkers with its dress-up, which is an energy I'd like to see injected into whatever's next for Style Savvy.

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