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Hear Strange Tales of Buyer's Remorse on this Week's Retronauts

On this bite-sized episode of Retronauts Micro, the crew discusses misguided video game purchases that still haunt them to this day.

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While today's kids have access to a limitless amount of free or might-as-well-be-free games, we of the Retronauts crew—what with being old and all—weren't so lucky.

True, the return policies of Gamestop and the like used to be much less draconian, but most of the time, if you invested $50-$80 on a lousy game, you had to live with it. So, for this episode, I summoned my fellow Retronauts to discover what bad purchasing decisions linger with them long after the fact—and I'm sure plenty of you listeners have your own horrifying and shameful tales to share in the comments. Joining us for this one is USgamer's own Kat Bailey, who I believe is making her first appearance on this new season, as well as Mikel Reparaz of the Vidjagame Apocalypse podcast.

And, just a reminder in case you forgot: These Micro episodes of Retronauts are essentially bonus content so we can keep the feed active every week. So if you're expecting them to be in-depth and revelatory, you may end up disappointed—but we still try to entertain, nonetheless. All the ones I've recorded so far have taken the form of mini-topics sprung on the guests of full episodes, but if you don't like this approach, I may be doing some solo podcasts (like Jeremy) to tinker with the format. Micros are supposed to be a bit experimental, so if you don't dig everything we do with them, that's just fine—there's a full episode waiting for you in seven days.

Oh, and don't forget that Retronauts is fully funded by our Patreon campaign, so please give if you like what we do—even as little as a dollar a month is appreciated! And it'd be great if we saw more reviews in the iTunes music store; taking a minute to two out of your day to give us a quick rating really helps the show's visibility.

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