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Destiny 2 Season of Dawn: The Lantern of Osiris guide - best Artifact mods

With the changing of the season comes a brand new Artifact: The Lantern of Osiris. Created by the legendary exiled Warlock to aid in his mysterious travels, The Lantern of Osiris offers a fresh suite of powerful mods to progressively unlock throughout the Season of Dawn.

As usual, there are five tiers of mods for your Guardian to unlock - with a new tier opening up once you acquire 1, 4, 7, and 10 of the other choices.

To gain one unlock token, you need to bank a big chunk of experience through normal play - including everything from shooting regular baddies to completing larger activities. And as you advance through the levels, you get a small boost to your overall Power too.

A quality of life feature of the Artifact system is that this Bonus Power applies to every Guardian on your account, so you don’t have to grind out levels with both your Titan and Hunter characters for example.

Not only is this extra Power useful for accessing top-tier activities, but also allows lowlier players to push their loot closer to the max.

The full list of Lantern of Osiris mods are below, followed by some meta commentary on how you might like to progress through the mod tiers.

Destiny 2 Lantern of Osiris Artifact Mods

Lantern of Osiris Artifact Mod NameLantern of Osiris Artifact Mod TierLantern of Osiris Artifact Mod CostLantern of Osiris Artifact Mod EffectLantern of Osiris Artifact Mod Type
Anti-Barrier Ranger10Grants Bows, Scout Rifles, Pulse Rifles Shield-PiercingWeapon Mod
Unstoppable Shot10Aiming down sights with a Scout Rifle grants a shot that staggers Unstoppable ChampionsScout Rifle Mod
Unstoppable Burst10Aiming down sights with a Pulse Rifle grants a burst that staggers Unstoppable ChampionsPulse Rifle Mod
Unstoppable Arrows10Fully drawn arrows release a shot that staggers Unstoppable ChampionsBow Mod
Overload Rounds10Uninterrupted fire grants bullets with disruption that are strong against Overload ChampionsWeapon Mod
Enhanced Rifle Loader23Greatly increase reload speed of Rifle-class weaponsArms Armor Mod
Enhanced Unflinching Rifle Aim23Greatly reduce flinching from incoming fire while aiming Rifle-class weaponsChest Armor Mod
Enhanced Bow Loader22Greatly increase nocking speed of arrowsArms Armor Mod
Enhanced Sniper Rifle Loader22Greating increase Sniper Rifle reload speedArms Armor Mod
Enhanced Linear Fusion Targeting22Greatly improve target acquisition, accuracy, and ADS speed of Linear Fusion RiflesHelmet Armor Mod
Solidus Strike31Defeating Cabal combatants with finishers grants extra GlimmerGeneral Armor Mod
Splintered Gladius31Defeating Cabal Centurions grants gunsmith materialsGeneral Armor Mod
Biomonetizer31Defeating Hive combatants grants extra GlimmerGeneral Armor Mod
Tithe Collector's Sigil31Defeating Cabal combatants grants small amount of GlimmerGeneral Armor Mod
Knight Errant 31Defeating Hive Knights grants destination materialsGeneral Armor Mod
Breach Resonator45Grants melee and grenade energy on final blows with shield-piercing weapons or when a member of your fireteam shuts down a Barrier Champion abilityChest Armor Mod
Molten Overload42Solar Grenades cause disruption that's strong against Overload ChampionsChest Armor Mod
Disruptor Spike42Improves the effects of disruptionChest Armor Mod
Unstoppable Schwarzschild Condensor42Void melee abilities stagger Unstoppable ChampionsChest Armor Mod
Tenderizer43Staggering Unstoppable Champions temporarily boosts weapon damage for allied playersChest Armor Mod
Guardian Angel 54Grants a chance to generate healing orbs on Scout Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Bow, and Linear Fusion Rifle precision final blowsClass Item Mod
Void Battery55Activating Void class abilities grants an overshield, but increases cooldown of abilityClass Item Mod
Heavy Finisher57Finishers generate Heavy ammo at the cost of half of your Super energyClass Item Mod
Solar Plexus56 Increases damage of all Solar melee abilities and gain Super energy from performing finishers with a Solar Subclass equippedClass Item Mod
From the Depths53Grants bonus Void Super damage if cast while critically wounded. Class Item Mod

The first tier of Artifact mods principally deals with Champion level enemies, who come in three varieties: Barrier, Unstoppable, and Overload. These types of enemies appear in high-level activities, including the new Sundial Arena runs on Mercury and Nightfall: The Ordeal.

It’s worth noting that the Anti-Barrier Ranger mod is the only Artifact Mod offered that specifically targets Barrier Champions, so could be worth picking up if you plan on facing off against them. Other than that, go with your preferred weapon choices from the variety on offer, which include: Scout Rifles, Pulse Rifles, Auto Rifles and Submachine Guns, and Bows.

The second tier of mods includes mods for each of your armour slots, and this season looks to favour Rifle-Class weaponry, while also dishing out buffs for the more situational Sniper Rifles, Bows, and Linear Fusion Rifles. Enhanced Rifle Loader and Enhanced Unflinching Rifle Aim have obvious synergy.

Since the third tier of mods mostly deal with buffing your Glimmer acquisition, you’ll likely pick up most of the mods from tiers one and two so you can reach the 7 unlock milestone - unless you’re doing some heavy-duty upgrading in the near future which will suck up all your Glimmer.

At tier 4 you have another chance to grab mods which target Unstoppable and Overload Champions if you passed them up earlier. After their rework, Solar Subclasses are looking strong, so buffing their grenades even further with Molten Overload isn’t a bad idea.

While the higher cost Breach Resonator, Disruptor Strike, and Tenderizer would synergize well with the 0 cost mods from tier 1, improving the effects of Shield-piercing, Staggering, and Disrupting. The Tenderizer looks especially good if you play with a regular fireteam.

Finally, the tier 5 Artifact mods tend to be the highest energy cost and have the most powerful effects.

Which you pick this season looks to be heavily dependent on your playstyle. As we mentioned before, the Solar Plexus looks good with the reworked Solar Subclasses - especially the spammable Titan Throwing Hammer in the Code of the Devastator.

While if you prefer a Void Subclass, then Void Battery is the way to go.

If you like to play more of a support role within a fireteam, consider Heavy Finisher, which prioritises keeping your Heavy weapons stocked at the expense of your Super.

But if you tank damage while you line up the perfect shot, then Guardian Angel - which generates healing orbs when you land precision final blows with accurate weapons like Bows, Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Linear Fusion Rifles - could be an option.

Now that you're kitted out with new mods, you need to some gear to fix them to. Here's our Season of Dawn Ritual Weapons guide to get you started.

Or if it's Exotics you're after, here's how to get your gauntleted hands on Saint-14's Perfect Paradox Shotgun from the Recovering the Past quest.

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