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Dark Souls 3: Snuggly the Crow trading guide

Pickle Pee, Pump-a-rum!


Dark Souls 3: Snuggly the Crow trading guide

Rare Dark Souls 3 loot is available via trade with a semi-secret NPC. There's a crow's nest on the roof of Firelink Shrine, accessible after obtaining the tower key. Visit this nest and you can trade in some of your gear.

Snuggly the Crow doesn't offer much guidance in the way of what it accepts ("That no pickle pee! That no pump-a-rum!"), but we've got the full list of available trades here. The list shows the item you receive, followed by what you'll need in order to obtain it. In some case the items you're trading away are also quite rare, so we've provided guidance on how to obtain them.

To trade an item, stand in the nest, highlight an item in your inventory and select "leave". Confirm the quantity (just one) and as soon as the menu closes, the trade will be complete - provided Snuggly accepts the item. You must pick the item up immediately; if you leave the area it will vanish forever.

You can only perform each trade once per playthrough. If your item is rejected, you can just pick it back up again.

The first time you trade with Snuggly, you'll receive the Call Over emote.

Multiplayer communication carvings

    Hello Carving

  • Trade: Alluring Skull
    Collect in various locations, or purchase from Unbreakable Patches.

    Help Me Carving

  • Trade: a Scared Chime catalyst
    There are multiple Sacred Chime class weapons in Dark Souls 3. The easiest way to obtain one is to purchase from Greirat after his inventory has expanded, or by farming the grunt you can plunge attack in Cemetery of Ash.

    I'm Sorry Carving

  • Trade: Shriving Stone
    Collect from Road of Sacrifices, or receive as drops from Corvians in Road of Sacrifices.

Upgrade materials

    Large Titanite Shard

  • Trade: Firebomb (or Rope Firebomb)
    Receive as enemy drops, or purchase from Shrine Handmaid (or Greirat). A very cheap trade in the early game when you first star needing Large Titanite Shards for weapon upgrades.

    Titanite Chunk

  • Trade: Black Firebomb (or Rope Black Firebomb)
    Obtain as burial gift, collect near High Tower on the Wall, or purchase from Unbreakable Patches. Again, well worth the price when you first need Titanite Chunks.

    Twinkling Titanite

  • Trade: Prism Stone
    Collect in Farron Keep swamps, or purchase from Shrine Handmaid. A very cheap trade when you first begin upgrading magic weapons.

    Twinkling Titanite

  • Trade: Large Leather Shield
    Purchase from Shrine Handmaid.

    Titanite Scale

  • Trade: Blacksmith Hammer
    Unique weapon found in Dark Firelink Shrine. Worth trading if you have no interest in the weapon and have run out of Titanite Scales.

    Titanite Scale (3)

  • Trade: Avelyn
    Unique crossbow found in Grand Archives. Worth trading if you have no interest in the weapon and have run out of Titanite Scales.

    Titanite Slab

  • Trade: Coiled Sword Fragment
    Unique item found in Dark Firelink Shrine. Worth the trade as its only function is as a free Homeward Bone, which are cheap. Titanite Slabs, on the other hand, are extremely rare.

    Lightning Gem

  • Trade: Xanthous Crown
    Receive as drop from Yellowfinger Heysel on Road of Sacrifices, or if Heysel's window has closed, from a Maggot Man in front of Rosaria's Bedchamber.

Weapons, shields and armour

    Iron Bracelets (Armor of the Sun set)

  • Trade: Homeward Bone
    Collect in various locations, or purchase from Shrine Handmaid.

    Iron Leggings (Armor of the Sun set)

  • Trade: Seed of a Giant Tree.
    Collect from under Giant Tree outside Firelink Shrine at intermittent periods. Check after each boss.

    Armor of the Sun (Armor of the Sun set)

  • Trade: Siegbrau
    There are two chances to obtain Siegbrau. The first occurs after you help Siegward of Catarina defeat the Demon. The second occurs when you meet Siegward in irithyll of the Boreal Valley, after freeing him from the well in Cathedral of the Deep. See the NPC guide for more information.

    Sunlight Shield (Armor of the Sun set)

  • Trade: Mendicant's Staff
    Receive as rare drop from summoners at Archdragon Peak.

    Lucatiel Mask (Mirrah set)

  • Trade: Vertebra Shackle
    Receive as drop after defeating Hodrick in Undead Settlement, receive as very rare drop from red-eyed skeletal knights in Catacombs of Carthus, or receive as drops from defeated players while Mound-makers covenant sigil is equipped.

    Porcine Shield

  • Trade: Undead Bone Shard
    Collected in various locations. A dodgy trade; Undead Bone Shards are limited in quantity and permanently upgrade your Estus Flask. Something of a community in-joke.

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