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Dark Souls 3: Dark Firelink Shrine

It’s Firelink Shrine, but not as you know it.


Dark Souls 3: Dark Firelink Shrine

From Champion Gundyr we open the doors and proceed along the dark path to Firelink Shrine.

The enemies in this area are Black Knights. Don’t even worry about it; they're are nowhere near as frightening as the Silver Knights in Anor Londo, they only ever hang about by themselves, and they don’t like to come into the Gundyr arena or the shrine. I’m sure you know what to do with that last bit of information.

There’s nothing to see or do in the path on the left, so head up the main route to Firelink, dealing with the Black Knight in your way just where the path forks.

Take the right stairs, and after a few steps stop to hear another Black Knight. He usually patrols down the left stairs, so you can right past and into the shrine, if you like. He’s even easier to cheese through the shrine doors. When he’s down, go around to the right of the shrine (as you face inwards at the doors) to the area where there’d be a dog in the “real” world. There’s another Black Knight here, and the Hornet Ring.

Now the left side of the shrine. You’ll see an item glow ahead, but there’s a Black Knight hiding on the stairs to your right as you advance, so don’t let that situation escalate. When he’s down you can collect the Chaos Blade which – hot damn, that’s an interesting weapon. Climb up the stairs where the knight ambushed you a moment ago and grab the Soul of a Crestfallen Knight from the round area in front of the shrine.

Time to head inside the shrine proper. Collect the Coiled Sword Fragment from the basin; this serves as a permanent Homeward Bone, but can also be traded to the crows for a Titanite Slab.

Be sure to visit the Shrine Handmaid here. She has the Wolf Knight set and the Priestess Ring, which you can’t get anywhere else (you can come back later if you can't afford them right now). You should then head to Andre’s area and grab the Blacksmith’s Hammer.

Eyes of a Fire Keeper

There’s no sign of any of your other friends, except in Irina’s corner; attack the illusory walls leading into this area to find a corpse where you can collect the Eyes of a Fire Keeper; a key item. For spoilers, see our endings guide.

That’s all you can do here. Trek back to Champion Gundyr or even use your new Coiled Sword Fragment to return to a bonfire; we’re off to the Grand Archives now, by way of the Dragonslayer Armour bonfire.

Continue via Grand Archives.

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