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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 trophy list

It wouldn’t be a Call of Duty game without a bunch of trophies and achievements and Black Ops 4 is no different.

These are all the trophies and achievements you can unlock in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and the upcoming DLC.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 trophy and achievement list

  • Platinum

Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked

  • Prestigious Award

Attain max level of Prestige with 25 different weapons in Zombies

  • Venerated Warrior

In IX, defeated the most venerated support

  • Abandoned Ship

In Voyage of Despair, complete the Trial

  • My First Win

Win Blackout

  • Not a Fluke

Win 10 Blackout games

  • Battle Tested

Reach Commander (Level 55) in Multiplayer while playing online

  • Vanquisher

Win 50 games in Multiplayer

  • My Home is the Arena

In IX, survive to Round 20 without opening a gate

  • Skilled Adversary

In IX, have a Challenge banner with all 9 medallions

  • The slaughterhouse

In IX, dismember 13 limbs in a single game while in The Pit

  • Gong like the Wind

In IX, defeat all 8 challenges summoned by a gong within 5 minutes

  • Gift of Serket

In IX, acquire Sekret’s Kiss

  • Here Kitty, Kitty

In IX, Kill a zombie Tiger with a Brain Rotted Tiger

  • Acidic Alchemy

In IX, Get a kill with the Acid Trap in each of its craftable locations

  • Constellation Prize

In IX, kill 9 zombies with a single uncharged shot from the Death Orion

  • Off the Deep End

In Voyage of Despair, survive to round 20 without draining the water

  • A Little Pack Here, a Little Punch There

In Voyage of Despair, use the Pack-a-Punch at every possible location in a single game

  • Rock, Paper, Plasma

In Voyage of Despair, kill 9 zombies via Catalytic Detonations in a single game

  • I Know a Shortcut

In Voyage of Despair, take every fast travel path in a single game

  • Stoking the Flames

In Voyage of Despair, kill 3 Stokers via weak-point in a single game

  • Stoaway

In Voyage of Despair, spend 5 consecutive rounds in the Cargo Hold

  • Swimming with the Fishes

In Voyage of Despair, kill 50 zombies that are underwater in a single game

  • Kraken Unfettered

In Voyage of Despair, kill 9 enemies with a single shot of the Kraken

  • Multiplicitous

In Zombie Rush, get your score multiplier up to 100

  • High Score

In Zombie Rush, obtain a Personal Score of 250.000

  • Team Player

In Zombie Rush, obtain a Team Score of 500.000

  • Trialling Experience

In Voyage of Despair, acquire the Sentinel Artifact

  • Gat Trick

In Blood of the Dead, kill the Warden with the Blundergat, Acidgat, and Magmagat

  • Historical Reenactment

In Blood of the Dead, equip Hell’s Retriever, Spoon, Blundergat and Tommy Gun

  • Hot Stuff Coming Through

In Blood of the Dead, forge a Magmagat

  • Match Made in Hell

In Blood of the Dead, complete a Gondola ride with the Warden

  • Most Escape Alive

In Blood of the Dead, escape

  • Paranormal Patch Up

In Blood of the Dead, revive another Player with shield

  • Senseless Axe of Violence

In Blood of the Dead, kill 5 zombies with the Hell's Redeemer before it starts its return

  • Throw a Dog a Bone

In Blood of the Dead, feed a wolf head from the Gondola, Citadel, and Model Industries in a single game

  • Zombies 101

Complete the Zombies Tutorial

  • Jack of All Blades, Master of Guns

Level up all 8 Special Weapons to Stage 3

  • The Doctor is in

Use PhD Slider to fall 10 feet and kill 10 zombies at once

  • Perkaholic Relapse

Acquire every perk in a single game

  • Straw Purchase

Gift a Mystery Box Wonder Weapon to a teammate and have them accept it

  • Specialist Super Fan

In Blackout, unlock Battery, Ruin, Firebreak, Seraph, Nomad, Prophet, Ajax, Crash, Torque and Recon

  • Zombie Fanatic

Unlock Bruno, Scarlett, Diego, Shaw, Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and Richtofen

  • Blackout Historian

Unlock Reznov, Mason, Woods and Menendez

  • Special Issue Equipment

Earn 10 medals that are based on Special Issue Equipment

  • Special Issue Weaponry

Earn 10 medals that are based on Special Issue Weaponry

  • Welcome to the Club

Reach Sergeant (Level 10) in Multiplayer while playing online

  • Centennial

Acquire 100% of the Stars

  • MP 101

Complete all 10 Specialists Tutorials

  • Skirmisher

Win 1 Skirmish with each Specialist (10 total)

  • Sleuth

Unlock all intel (videos and audio files)

  • Stargazer

Earn a Star with each Specialist

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 DLC trophies

  • Cold War Remedy

In Classified, retrieve and equip the Project Skadi Prototype

  • Breaking the Ice

In Classified, shatter 115 zombies in a single game

  • Shock Value

In Classified, kill 115 zombies with electric traps in a single game

  • Power Struggle

In Classified, reach round 20 without turning on the power

  • Preemptive Strike

In Classified, kill 50 Nova 6 Crawlers without letting them explode in a single game

  • The Highest Office

In Classified, reach round 20 without an elevator

  • Crawl for Help

In Classified, while in last stand use a teleporter and then get revived in a single game

  • Step on the Gas

In Classified, kill 50 zombies while affected by Nova 6 Crawler gas in a single game

  • Pent-up-agon

In Classified, complete 5 consecutive rounds without leaving the war room elevator

  • Going Everywhere fast

In Classified, use a teleporter 7 times in less than a minute in a single game

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