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5 Best Zombie Games on Android and iOS

Looking to get your z-wars on? Here are five zombie-themed games that should keep you entertained.

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From games and television shows to movies and comics, it’s clear as day we’re all hooked on Zombies. Love it or hate it, this craze has no end in sight. Are you infected like the rest of us? Then these 5 iOS and Android games are just for you!

Dead Trigger 2

An approachable and fun mobile FPS, Dead Trigger 2 has all the greatness of its predecessor with improved graphics and one brand new feature, auto-fire. I’m typically skeptical about mobile FPS games because of accuracy issues, but this one feels right. It comes with auto-fire defaulted, so if you’re new to mobile-FPS genre, this makes the game a whole lot easier (so easy, for the average gamer it will feel as if the game is playing itself).

Gameplay is smooth and the pacing of each mission is fast enough that you don’t get bored. The story is light-hearted and there’s not a whole lot to dislike about Dead Trigger 2 other than the fact that it features in-app purchases. Unlike most ‘freemium’ games, you don’t need to make purchases to access the story, however the developers do try to frustrate you into it.

All-in-all it’s a fun and accessible game to players of all ages and one I’d default to if you’re into Zombie shooters.

Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens

A UFO has crash landed into the Rooster Teeth Studios. Select one of six employees to survive the zombie-aliens onslaught as long as you can. Although you start out pretty weak, after surviving a few waves, you earn enough cash to upgrade your arsenal. You also stumble upon crafting materials throughout the office as well as allies that can help you in your fight. Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens keeps the hacking and slashing challenging and fun with a wide variety of weaponry and unique set of endearing character traits that will serve to either help you or hurt you.

The small price to pay is well worth a game not inundated with ads. If this type of single-player game doesn’t lend enough to satiate your competitive nature, there are daily challenges that pit you against the same obstacles as other people playing the game. See if you can top the boards!

Age of Zombies

Travel back in time with Barry Steakfries, a dude that completely embodies 80’s masculinity, to fight off zombie gangsters, zombie ninjas, and most important of all, zombie dinosaurs. I know what you’re thinking, “This sounds ridiculous!” Well is! The truth is mobile gaming is absolutely riddled with bad writing, but this one manages to pull off a funny story with just the right level of satire. Aesthetically, the game also hits a high note with its 16-bit style. The retro-gamer inside me smiled right away.

Once you get the hang of the dual-touch joysticks, the gameplay is simple and fun. Just walk around the map blasting away the hordes of zombies with your gun. There are a number of boxes scattered around the map that contain different weapons such as rifles, grenades, a flamethrower, and even a hoverboard. The game is locally two-player, allowing you to team up and share the touchpad and with a friend for a sack-tastic good time!

Zombies, Run!

Do you hate running, but love zombies? What if I told you there was a game that was more of a fitness training app? Zombies, Run! is the perfect tool to make your daily workout routine more entertaining. It’s also perfect for a lazy girl like me who would rather rewatch the entire last season of The Walking Dead before going for an actual walk.

Before you embark on your run, set your intensity preferences in the menu and select one of the missions to begin. The story will start and a narrator will tell you when the Zombies are after you and when to pick up the pace. As you run, you’ll collect a number of items and unlock achievements. Although it lacks certain features of more advanced running apps, it still delivers that rewarding experience we look for as gamers and definitely makes running a lot more bearable.

Stupid Zombies 2

If the z-apocalypse ever happens, I hope the zombies are as stupid as the ones in Stupid Zombies 2. They just sit still, cleverly positioned on a series of platforms, waiting to be shot. If you enjoy Puzzle games in the same vein as Angry Birds, Stupid Zombies 2 should be right up your alley. The gameplay will be familiar. Just make use of your sophomore geometry skills to kill all the Zombies with the fewest bullets possible. With over 300 levels, you’ll surely have your fill by the time Stupid Zombies 3 comes out.

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