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Check out VG247's 2021 GOTY video for all our favourite games of the year

Sherif, Connor, Dorrani, Alex, and James sit down to discuss their top picks for the year

If you’ve been checking out the website for the past few days, you’ll have seen our 2021 game of the year articles going up! Each day, one of our writers has their thoughts on the year’s highlights land on the front page, which give you the rundown on each of our favourites coming into a (hopefully) way better 2022.

If game of the year discussions are something you just can’t get enough of, you want a little more elaboration on the picks we made, or you wanna see the beautiful James Billcliffe in the flesh, we’ve got a massive Game of the year discussion video live now. This features myself, Guides editor James Billcliffe, Staff Writer Sherif Saed, Video Producer Dorrani WIlliams, and Assistant Editor Alex Donaldson, as we all chat through our picks.

This video is a chunky one - a whole two hours long, so absolutely something you’ll want to set up in the background during a late night gaming session or during work. If there’s a particular writer you really like you can always skip straight to their section too - I promise the rest of us won’t take it personally!

It’ll also be embedded into each of the VG247 staff’s individual GOTY articles, so you can get the full scope of our opinions every day they go live. Either way, you’ve got plenty of stuff to read and watch over the Christmas break.

It’s of course been a rough year, both for the games in industry and in general. We at VG247 wish you a happy holiday, and for a better 2022. Let us know in the comments below what your favourite games are this time around, and what you’re looking forward to in the new year.

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