Sea of Thieves “Too Early” and “BronzeBeard” error codes – how to fix and get into the game

By James Billcliffe, Thursday, 25 January 2018 10:14 GMT

The Sea of Thieves Closed Beta is up and running – at least for some people. Others have hit a couple of frustrating error codes that’re keeping them out out the game. The most prevalent of these is the “Too Early” error code.

Rare have reached out on reddit to say that they’re aware of the issue, and are trying to roll out a fix. However, players are still reporting the error.

The problem at this point seems to be with digital pre-orders made through the Microsoft and Xbox store directly.

We have found a fix circulating the web, but be aware, it involves refunding your purchase and buying the game from a different retailer.

How to fix Sea of Thieves Too Early error code –

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store and find “Order History”, click through to the Microsoft website, select Sea of Thieves and click “Cancel Item”.
  2. Then go to Amazon and buy the digital download of the game. Make sure you get the digital download, not the disc, it’s important.
  3. Amazon will then email you a code for the “Black Dog cosmetic pack” which you can redeem on the Microsoft Store for beta access.
  4. Then, the easiest way to reinstall Sea of Thieves is to go to the Xbox app and search for “Sea of Thieves Closed Beta”. Select it, download and reinstall.

If that sounds convoluted, it is. To make it a bit easier, here’s a video of the suitably attired Gothalion explaining the process.

How to fix Sea of Thieves BronzeBeard error code

As for the BronzeBeard error, there’s no proper fix yet. Rare’s official line is to seek help on their forums, which are currently down for maintenance.

This error has been around since the technical Alpha tests of the game, and seems to be an issue with the matchmaking servers. The only solution we’ve seen work is to keep trying to join a game until you get in. Keep spamming it and it’ll eventually work.

We’ve seen some people have problems joining friends, but get in perfectly fine solo. Try testing your connection by jumping in on your own, then partying up with friends.

The Sea of Thieves closed beta runs until Monday January 29 at 8am GMT, while the full game will release on March 20, 2018.

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