Hear how Monster Hunter World changes from past titles – adding stealth and tracking, and cutting Generations features – in this interview

By James O'Connor
16 June 2017 02:37 GMT

This chat with Monster Hunter’s two community managers outlines some of the changes introduced for Monster Hunter World.

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This interview from Arekkz with two of Monster Hunter’s community managers has a lot of “we can’t talk about that at this time” moments, but he managed to snag a few pieces of interesting information out of them.

First, a few things they would not talk about:

  • The frame rate on PC (it’s locked to 30FPS on consoles)
  • The quest system
  • Notable returning monsters
  • Companions other than palicos (which return for this installment)
  • Monster Hunter XX not coming out for Switch in the West
  • G-Rank mode
  • Transmog

But there were some subjects they were able to talk about properly.

The game will not feature crossplay, meaning that you’ll need to stick to players on the console you’re on, but as was announced earlier it will let you access a worldwide community and fight alongside Japanese gamers for the first time. While they’re not ready to talk about the quest system, you’ll be able to call for back-up when playing alone, dropping a flare that will invite other players to come in and help you out.

Monster Hunter World introduces fast travel, but you won’t be able to fast travel in the middle of combat, which means you can’t escape from a difficult fight just by opening a menu. Arekkz already suspected as much, but this interview confirms that this will be the case in the final game.

Hunter Arts and Prowler Mode, which both featured in Monster Hunter Generations, will not be in this one. Fourteen weapons will be returning to the game, and there is more nuance to the animation now – Arekkz noted a red glow to characters when they are charging attacks, for instance.

They also talk about the scout flies, which will help you to track monsters and items around the game map. They describe a scenario where you stumble upon a monster’s tracks, and the scout flies help to identify and then find that monster. What they’re looking for can be changed and toggled. The mounting system now lets you use your primary weapon while mounting an enemy, although apparently this is “not always the case”.

There will be stealth elements to Monster Hunter World, although they are optional, and you can bulldoze your way through the game if you so wish. But monsters can see and smell you, and if you avoid detection you can get the drop on them, apparently.

There will be a standard hub area as well, although they are not ready to show or talk about it. One of the managers sums up their feelings as this point nicely: “Know right now that there are quests, and there are monsters to be hunted, and you’re gonna like it”.

Monster Hunter World is due in early 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One. A PC release will follow the console versions.

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