Destiny: Age of Triumph – everything that’s changed in Vault of Glass, and how to beat the Templar and Atheon challenge modes

By Brenna Hillier
5 April 2017 02:38 GMT

Destiny: Age of Triumph revisits the Vault of Glass this week. Here’s what you need to know to smack it down in style.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron players can tackle Vault of Glass this week as they strive to fill out their Age of Triumph record books ahead of Destiny 2.

Following on from the Crota’s End Age of Triumph challenge mode update last week, Destiny’s first ever raid Vault of Glass is a nostalgic trip now brought up to par with current Light levels. Don’t be fooled by the entrance sequence; it’s a public space, so it stays easy.

Bungie has also given Vault of Glass a bit of a shine up, including challenge modes – a feature not introduced until Destiny The Taken King – for the Templar and Atheon stages.

Although you probably think you know Vault of Glass backwards and forwards, this new version holds some surprises even for Destiny veterans. Luckily, Arekkz has all the goss in the video above, although we’ve reproduced the information below, too.

Destiny: Age of Triumph – Vault of Glass raid changes

Not that much has changed in Vault of Glass with Destiny: Age of Triumph outside the challenge modes. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Knuckles of Eao available in first chest, before the Templar arena
  • Confluxes: Oracles spawn more rapidly but in fewer waves
  • Gatekeeper: three Relics must be retrieved
  • Gatekeeper: Vex Timegate areas are easier
  • Gatekeeper: Guardians Marked by the Void as they enter a Vex Timegate, not after retrieving Relic

Destiny: Age of Triumph – Vault of Glass raid challenge modes

Templar challenge mode: prevent the Templar from teleporting

Typically the Templar fight involves several cycles of downing the Templar’s shield with the Relic to trigger a damage phase. For this challenge mode, you’ll need to kill the Templar in one sustained damage phase.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds; all you need is a Guardian (preferably the shielded Relic holder) to focus on blocking the Templar’s teleport by standing in the red ring that appears just before the boss moves, until it turns blue. If the first teleport is successfully blocked, the Templar will only attempt to move to two of its many possible teleport locations thereafter, making it pretty easy to get into the right spot after that.

If his teleport is blocked, the Templar will remain in place with shields down, allowing the rest of the team to continue wailing on him. Having a Titan with a good bubble is really helpful for those in the damage team. Just make sure the Oracles are all down, and have the Relic holder ground slam stasis shields on your team to get them into the action quickly, before you first drop the Templar’s shields

Atheon challenge mode: every Guardian must destroy an Oracle in each phase

This challenge seems designed to stop you specialising in particular roles. Every member of your team will need to enter the Vex Timegate during the Oracles phase to take out one Oracle each.

The easiest way to achieve this is to have the first team member to take out on Oracle run outside straight afterwards, taking up position holding the gate open by standing on the plate.

The three Guardians on the outside can then run in, since someone else is holding the gate open, and take over killing the third, fourth and fifth oracles. The Guardian who killed the second Oracle while this is happening can go outside, as the others will once they’ve killed their Oracles, while the Relic holder stays till last, takes out the sixth Oracle with a super, and then rejoins all the others and cleanses them outside the timegate.

The Relic holder should stay at the gate if possible, to duck out and cleanse the poor Guardian who went in first and is waiting for everyone else to get their Oracles done.

This is easier than it sounds because you’ll probably down Atheon in three damage phases at most if you have edngame gear.

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