Doom 2016 is still a blast when recreated in Doom 2

By Marshall Lemon, Wednesday, 7 September 2016 13:32 GMT

Bethesda’s new Doom game is great, but it’s hard to beat that old-school style.

Doom 2016 is still a blast when recreated in Doom 2

It was an undeniable relief to learn Bethesda’s new Doom game wasn’t simply good, but almost everything old-school gamers wanted from a modern shooter. Yet for some fans, that’s not enough – why can’t we experience the modern environments in its original, sprite-tastic glory? Thankfully, at least one modder is showing us what that might look like by porting Doom 2016’s opening map into Doom 2.

The video’s creator clearly used one of Doom 2’s open source engines to allow for lighting effects and gameplay systems that weren’t available in 1994. What that doesn’t change is the core essence of Doom, as the Marine fights hordes of sprite-based demons across pixelated corridors. The weapons have been updated, but are no less satisfying to fire, while Doom’s run-and-gun shooting is as frantic as ever.

Sadly, we don’t have a download link for the mod, but here’s hoping Bethesda might release some retro content of its own when it’s finished with Doom’s official expansions.

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