TmarTn takes down his own apology for YouTube skin betting disclosures

By Marshall Lemon, Thursday, 7 July 2016 18:53 GMT

Trevor “TmarTn” Martin’s legal team has stated there will be no more public comments on the matter.

TmarTn takes down his own apology for YouTube skin betting disclosures

Things aren’t looking great for Trevor “TmarTn” Martin right now. After news broke that he and Tom “ProSyndicate” Cassell owned the skin betting site they were promoting, he’s facing the real possibility of civil and criminal lawsuits. Which is probably why he decided to release an apology video, claiming that everything was “not made clear enough” and this was all a giant misunderstanding.

Two things followed. First, attorneys and online critics roundly savaged the apology on the basis of being insincere and misleading. Second, Martin took the video offline, stating that he was “disappointed in it”.

“[Martin] means someone could’ve searched for [public disclosures], which is utter stupidity,” attorney Ryan Morrison told PC Gamer. “Even if he wrote it in the text underneath his video as he’s gone back and done, that’s still not sufficient disclosure. He couldn’t be further away in terms of compliance.”

What we probably shouldn’t expect at this point is another apology video from Martin. After reaching out to Martin’s legal representatives, Eurogamer quickly learned there would be “no further public comments on the matter”. It’s even possible that Martin was advised by a lawyer to take the video down to avoid further implicating himself. Whatever the case, it’s safe to say Martin’s troubles are only beginning.

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