Today’s PlayStation 4 will still offer “a first class VR experience”

By Marshall Lemon, Wednesday, 15 June 2016 16:58 GMT

While the PlayStation Neo is more advanced, VR should still run smoothly on the PlayStation 4.


Today’s PlayStation 4 will still offer “a first class VR experience”

It’s pretty clear that Microsoft’s Project Scorpio and Sony’s PlayStation Neo are partly designed to take advantage of virtual reality – a field the Oculus Rift proved requires pretty high tech benchmarks. So what happens to customers who were hoping to use VR headsets on their current PS4 consoles? Will they need to upgrade, like Microsoft is suggesting with the Xbox One S? Not at all, says Sony – Playstation VR will still be fully functional on current hardware.

“Go to our [E3] room and check out the VR games and make up your own mind,” Sony’s Jim Ryan told MCV. “That’s for you and others to decide upon. We are completely confident that the line-up of 50 games – plus some of which was announced yesterday, which was serious in terms of heavyweight IP – that those games are going to provide a first class VR experience.

“What we can say is that we have a fertile ground of 40m PS4s, all of which will run PlayStation VR.”

While it’s entirely possible future VR games will require a Neo upgrade, for the time being Sony seems pretty confident in the PlayStation 4’s capabilities. If true, that’s promising for anyone who doesn’t want to spend over a thousand dollars just to play a single VR game.

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