Dark Souls 3’s first boss: how to beat him

By Staff, Tuesday, 12 April 2016 10:56 GMT

Come on, now. You weren’t ready to quit so soon? Right?


Dark Souls 3’s first boss – how to beat Iudex Gundyr

It was ever thus with Souls, and so it is with Dark Souls 3. You wander through the opening sections with ease, lesser minions of the darkness collapsing before your sharpened nonchalance. This is easy, you think. What’s everyone talking about? Then you hit the first boss and you die endlessly and it’s only through tears of hate and pain you’ll ever progress. Or, obviously, you could just let us help you.

Brenna’s completely amazing Dark Souls 3 guide tells you absolutely everything you need to know about beating the entire game, but, most importantly for you right now, it gives you a cast iron strategy for beating the first boss, Iudex Gundyr.

You should also check out Brenna’s guide to the following section, the Firelink Shrine hub. There’s been a ton of confusion surrounding this part, as it isn’t entirely obvious what you’re supposed to be doing after Iudex Gundyr succumbs to your steel. Hit that page and be lost no longer.

Now you know how to beat Iudex Gundyr, Dark Souls 3’s first boss. Good luck with the rest of the game. You’re going to need it.

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