Dark Souls 3: Patches

By Staff
20 March 2016 09:00 GMT

Oh, you loveable scamp.


Dark Souls 3: Patches

The best-loved Souls NPC returns, and as usual, Unbreakable Patches is here to screw you over. He’s also got some great, unique gear in his inventory, though, and is vital to Siegward of Catarina‘s quest.

Your first chance to encounter Unbreakable Patches is near Rosaria’s Bedchamber in Cathedral of the Deep. His appearance here seems to depend on Siegward of Catarina and Greirat of the Undead Settlement’s sidequests, but the exact mechanics are not known. He will ask you to cross the bridge and withdraw it when you do; you’ll take damage from the fall and likely be attacked by the enemies below. Return to Patches to accept his apology.

Patches may not appear at the above location if you approach from a different direction. If you can’t find Patches at the Cathedral of the Deep but need Siegward’s armour, return to Firelink Shrine. Purchase the Tower key if you have not done so already, and explore it thoroughly. Travel away and back again, and enter the tower again; Patches will lock you in. Use a Homeward Bone (or die) and you’ll find Patches in the upper reaches of Firelink Shrine, on the same side as Leonhard and the side exit. He’ll apologise again; if you say you won’t forgive him, he’ll give you a Rusted Gold Coin and the Prostration emote – but it’s not yet clear if this has consequences.

If you haven’t triggered either of Patches’ appearances but have defeated Abyss Watchers and Deacons of the Deep, he’ll appear in Firelink Shrine independently.

If Patches is sitting down when you approach him at Firelink Shrine (travel away and back after your first conversation at the Shrine to trigger this) he’ll give you the Patches Squat emote.

Patches has some bearing on Greirat of the Undead Settlement‘s survival. If you wish to keep Greirat alive, never tell Patches where the thief has gone; in fact, it’s best not to speak to him at all while Greirat is away on adventures, but this won’t necessarily guarantee Greirat’s safety. Patches will reactivate as a vendor after you beat the next boss; Greirat will return from this trip if Siegward of Catarina is around to save him.

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