GTA Online: Halloween Surprise vehicles cracked wide open – watch them being customised here

By Matt Martin, Wednesday, 21 October 2015 08:50 GMT

Check out the new vehicles and gear you’ll be unlocking come Halloween in GTA Online.


The two new vehicles for GTA Online’s Halloween Surprise content have fully leaked, with modders revealing custom paint jobs and other customisation options.

The Halloween Surprise content is hidden in yesterday’s Lowrider DLC – if you’ve downloaded that you already have it – it’s just waiting for an official unlock from Rockstar closer to October 31st.

First up, here’s the new Albany Lurcher, a hearse that can be customised with skulls and other spooky paint jobs. The video from Antasurris shows the ride being customised and offers a good look at the new Halloween Bobbleheads.

Antasurris also got his hands on the Albany Franken Stange, a hotrod that again can be kitted out with vampire, grim reaper and zombie bobbleheads.

If you want to look at all of that in more detail, check out these grabs of paintjobs and customisation for the Lurcher and Franken Stange, via AKONITMODZ and Gudmundur123.


There’s also a new weapon, the Flashlight. Here’s a closer look:

In case you missed it earlier in the week, here’s a pic of all the new masks, too.


Check out all the other info we know about the Halloween Surprise right here.

I guess it’s not a surprise anymore.

A big shout out to Yan2295 for the heads-up.

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