Destiny: The Taken King – how to beat the Echo Chamber Strike

By Matt Martin, Sunday, 20 September 2015 15:20 GMT

There’s a lot of lifting and carrying in this Strike, requiring solid communication and team work.

Destiny: The Taken King – how to beat the Echo Chamber Strike


Note: The Echo Chamber Strike is exclusive to PlayStation platforms until 2016.

This Strike takes place on Venus, where the Vex are trying to bring back the Nexus Mind using a time bridge. I know!

From the Waking Ruins head along the path to the glowing passage and along the corridor to Campus 9. There’s Fallen Vandals, Shanks and a Captain here, but you can pick them all off from your elevated position.

You’re looking for an arc source that will short the barriers, so go along the riverbed and under the building. You’ll be faced with a few Harpies inside the cave and see the arc source. One of your team needs to take this to the barrier and the other two need to act as defense. You’ll be attacked by a lot of Fallen so work together as a team.

When the barrier is down, head to the other area and pick up the second relic. You’ll have to fight against Vex Minotaurs, Goblins and a Hydra when you reach the second barrier.

The third arc source is on a container up on the right. Get the orb to the barrier using the same methods are before (one moves the orb, the other two defend). There’s a lot of Vex spawning now, so work closely. Once the barrier is down, go through the passages to the endless steps.

There’s loads of Goblins here and a Cyclops, so hang back and pick everything off from a distance. You’ll need to bring another barrier down, so pick up the Arc source from across the gap and on the right. Dregs will rush you but they shouldn’t be any problem.

As you follow the steps there’s a couple of annoying Cyclops’ to deal with, then go left at the top of the stairs. Here you can enter the Echo Chamber and see the time bridge, guarded by Harpies. Get another Relic from the capacitor on the right, which will disrupt the time bridge and bring the Restorative Mind back in to play.

The Restorative Mind is initially immune to attacks. When prompted, one of the team needs to grab the relic from one of the pillars and move it close to the Restorative Mind in order to lower its shield. You can now shoot at its head and do damage.

When it gets low of health you’ll need to keep moving the relic close to repeat the process, but it’s made harder as the location starts rotating. It will also spawn Goblins, and later Minotaurs and other Vex enemies to distract you, but with one concentrating on the relic and the other two blasting the boss, you’ll soon put it down for good.

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