Destiny videos of the week: grooving out with Bubblebros & a 45 killstreak

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 13 February 2015 08:04 GMT

This week, Destiny players once more achieved great things, made great jokes, and exploited great glitches.


Video of the week

Last week, someone had the bright idea of allowing Defenders to select a piece of music to play in their bubbles. The community embraced this idea wholeheartedly, and Lbeno made a convincing case for its future implementation by mocking up how it might appear in game. Take a look and try to tell me that wouldn’t make firefights at least 2.3% cooler.

Crucible heroes

Some great stories came out of PvP this week, not the least of which is Gleevac‘s claim to the longest killstreak on YouTube. If you’re interested, the record for longest killstreak is believed to be 93. If video of that exists, we’d love to see it.

There’s some quality sharpshooting in the video above, but it’s not all about killing, of course; evasion is key. A20NWK‘s opponent deserves some props for their canny ability to dodge tracking rockets.

Speaking of skills, Daniel Kaspo is a Guardian to watch. Dropped into a losing match, they turn things around with panache.


Raids may be the toughest challenge in Destiny, but most veteran players know that your most deadly opponent is yourself – how many times have you fumbled what should have been an easy jump? Poor old calidoc has one such moment during a Vault of Glass attempt, but received help from an unexpected source.

For some Guardians, nothing Destiny offers is enough to test them, so they invent new challenges. Following on from the no-gun Crota’s End run last week, here’s a no-gun Vault of Glass attempt by Q2foou and crew. You can read more about the run if you’re wondering how it was done.

Meanwhile, over in Crota’s End, HoodedHound‘s fireteam attempted a flawless raider (no deaths) run. It didn’t work out. Ha ha!

Creepy crawlies

Bugs, glitches, cheeses, and all manners of weirdness – we love ’em. DCMRaptor should be proud of their ability to think outside the box, taking advantage of a rare event to do something we can’t imagine Bungie intended to be possible.

Another creative Guardian, Atomsk88 would like to draw your attention to a new move they call “orbital blink strike”.

Just for laughs

Let’s end on a nice light note, with this Destiny fan trailer drawing on a classic song. Someone give I’m Khalbrae a job in marketing; this is a Guardian with ideas.

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