The Evil Within guide: Chapter 2 – Remnants

By Staff
15 October 2014 12:16 GMT

Follow Leslie through the forest and avoid (or kill) your first enemies.


When Castellanos wakes grab the Bodies Found newspaper and the Green Gel. There’s more in the toilet, so grab that too. Once you’re free from the room, follow the nurse, who will ask you to sign in and use the save game function.

Now go through the other door on the right and sit in the chair. It’s here you can use the Green Gel to upgrade Castellanos’ skills and weapons. You’ll pass through a cutscene and find yourself back at the ambulance.

Walk forward a little and pick up the Syringe, which you can assign to the d-pad as a shortcut. Get familiar with the inventory screen because it’s a little esoteric in places. As you continue through the forest you’ll be shown how to melee attack. Use your new skill on the wooden box for some more Green Gel, then carry on until you reach the Lantern and then wander down to the bottom of the cliff.

Walk towards the tent with Connelly in it and pick up the Pistol on the ground. He’ll turn, giving you the chance to pop a few rounds in his head. You can kill enemies with a single shot, but you have to be really accurate. If he still keeps coming after the first shot, it will take three in total to down him. This is something you’ll come across again and again.

Inside the tent you’ll find a box containing some supplies, and there are another couple of Green Gel jars knocking around the campsite.

Follow the path through the cave using the lantern and picking up any Green Gel on the way. You’ll come across Leslie shortly, and a tutorial showing you how to dismantle traps.

Note: From here on in you’ll find a lot of barrels, boxes and crates around the world. Whenever you get the opportunity, be sure to smash them as the majority of them contain useful supplies – usually matches or bullets.

Carry on through the cave and follow the instructions on how to burn a dead body, then down the hill to the shack on the left. In here you’ll find some more Green Gel, your Journal and a mirror.

Mirrors are used to transport you back to the save area with the nurse and the chair for upgrading. You can do this now if you want.

Now leave the shack and go left until the sneak kill tutorial. Go through the new shack and out the window on the other side, following Leslie. After a short cutscene you’ll be faced with three enemies. You can either follow the shoreline to avoid them and using glass bottles to distract them. Or, you can try and sneak kill them and loot the building nearby, where you will find a Lakeside Town Note.

Near the cart you’ll see two more enemies, so either distract them or kill them if you’re feeling brave. We recommend killing them here and now to save any issues later. Around the right-hand side of the building you’ll come across a Bear Trap. Dismantle it, then keep moving and you’ll see enemies ahead to your left. Head to the gate and pass through it.

This part of the map isn’t big, so keep heading forwards. You’ll come across a small shack with some supplies in it. Use sneak kill to take down any enemies lurking here. You’ll also have to sneak kill the enemy by the fire, which will send a horde of them charging at you. Run over the stone bridge to the gates to trigger a cutscene and finish the chapter.

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