inFamous: Second Son – Reggie Takes Flight, destroy video screens

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:13 GMT

Find the perfect hiding spot to enable you to destroy all the video screens safely.



This missions starts with lots of objectives so just keep going to one toilet to the next until you find the one you need. When you find the Conduit suspect he’ll make a run for it only to be caught by an angel. There’s no point giving chase, you won’t catch them.

In the last mission angels left you alone. In this mission they will attack. They usually show up in groups of four but can be taken down with one shot. Laser Focus is your best power here.

Once the angels are taken care of you should search the three areas on the map. When the mob goes after a suspect trapped on a crane improve your Good Karma by subduing them but leave one so that he can lead you to the objective.

Scale the crane and face the Conduit suspect. Again, he’ll be grabbed by a swooping angel. Follow it until you encounter four more angels who can be taken down easily. Now talk with Reggie to come up with a new strategy.

Meet Reggie over at the toilet in Hing May Market and when the chase begins follow behind him and watch the show unfold. You can shoot near him but don’t hit Reggie. He’ll be scooped up, so try and keep up with the angel – keep following the objective on the map.

It turns out the angels are coming from the video screens, do don’t attack the angels themselves – aim for the screens. There’s a structure with overhead cover that you can use to destroy them and keep you safe. And you can always use Light Speed to get to safety if you need to.

Once the last video screen is down the missions ends.

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